Seminole Towne Center Mall, Trip Planning and a New Fridge on the Way.

It rained today, so what better to do than to go to the Mall. Actually, I ordered something from JCPenney online and had it shipped to the store.

It was mid-day and the mall was empty. If I were to count the number of people I saw in the mall, I would have to say, no more than 20 people and that included store’s staff. The stores were empty. It was a quick in and out for me. Hubby waited in the truck with the Fur Babies. Of course, I wore my mask and used my hand sanitizer. I didn’t have to worry about saying six feet apart.

What else is there to do on a rainy Florida day? Start to plan our trip back to Pennsylvania. We leave for home on May 1. Over a year ago, we stayed at a very nice camp resort. I already reserved and we will stay there our first two nights. We will take eight days to get home. I use RV Trip Wizard to plan our trips. I have four campgrounds picked out. Tomorrow, I will call each of them. I can reserve online but I’d much rather call. I need to ask questions. I have to make sure they will accept three dogs. Many places have a two dog limit. I also want to make sure they can accommodate big rigs. Some campgrounds online ask the length of our rig, but I want to make sure we can fit our rig and our Big Boy Truck.

Our refrigerator is and has been on the blink again. It’s under warranty and we are finally authorized to get a new one thanks to Grand Design. I’ve been working with Grand Design and the refrigerator’s vendor. We have a very nice mobile technician that will come to us and install it. If anyone wants to buy an RV, Grand Design is wonderful to work with. Keep watching for future posts to find out how this turns out.

Definition of “on the blink” Not working correctly; acting strangely; malfunctioning.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind especially mobile techs that are going to replace your refer.


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