It’s just a number! Happy Birthday to Me.

Do I feel my age? Hell no. When I was like 18 years old, people in their 50s seemed old to me. Well, I’m way past 50 and I don’t think I’m old at all. My age is just a number to me. I looked in the mirror this morning and I didn’t look any different than I did yesterday.

So my birthday started off this morning with the grandest of all fireworks. The sky lit up bright and the bangs came one after another along with wind and torrential rain that lasted for a good two hours.

Just the other day my hubby mentioned that he doesn’t believe we had any thunderstorms with lightning since we got here on December 1. Benji and Bella are normally afraid of loud banging noises like thunder and fireworks. Well, he had to open his big mouth. This morning’s thunderstorm made up for the 2+ months that we didn’t have any storms. Just when I thought the storm was going to end another clap of thunder roared through the campground.

Although I was kept awake through most of the storm I was able to fall asleep towards the end of the storm, but it was a sleep filled with weird dreams.

For my birthday, Hubby treated me to dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate. Hubby and I are now the same age for the next three months until his birthday comes around.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing with the pups.

It’s SuperBowl Sunday. I’m not a big fan of football and I’m not a commercial watcher.

God Bless, Stay Safe Be Kind to Every Kind, and Thanks to Everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday today either by text or phone calls, or FaceBook.

2 thoughts on “It’s just a number! Happy Birthday to Me.

  1. Pat Ault

    I didn’t realize today was your birthday! It is mine as well. I had a really nice day with my son and his family. The kids baked me a cake and Mandy made us a delicious spaghetti dinner. And our friends from TN came tonight and will leave Thursday. We haven’t seen them for a year since we moved, so it is a great 71st birthday. Happy Birthday to you!

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