Grasshopper Delivered.

Mike, the owner of CRICKET MINI GOLF CARTS in Daytona Beach, delivered our Grasshopper to us. He had a few things to set up for us. We chatted for a while. What a nice guy. I recommend buying from Mike and Lori. Great people.

Hubby and I took a short ride. It was chilly out. Sweatshirt weather. I have my “Dog Mother, Wine Lover” Sweatshirt on. It’s my favorite sweatshirt. So soft and warm. Get yours at I’m so proud of my nieces and their online boutique.

Funny story. I was backing up the golf cart. Mind you, it only has one pedal for the acceleration. When you take your foot off of the pedal, the golf cart stops. So, I was backing up the golf cart and Hubby yells: “you are going to hit your sign”. Well instead of taking my foot off of the acceleration pedal, I floored it by mistake. No words needed. Just look at the sign frame.

We’re going to enjoy our Grasshopper.

For some reason, it is a common sight to see emergency vehicles in the campground. Usually when a fire truck and/or Fire Rescue comes into the park, an ambulance follows. Glad the ambulance didn’t follow today. Thankfully, everyone was fine. Not sure what the emergency was, but no ambulance is a good sign.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and remember “to stop, take foot off of the pedal”.

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