Oak Alley RV Resort

This is the second year we’ve stayed at our current RV park here in Florida. We are ready for a new park for next winter. After hours and hours of online research, I found a very nice park. It’s a fairly new family owned park and I liked what I was reading about it. I called for more information and talked to a very nice lady. Her name is Kim. I told Kim that my hubby and I would like to come for a tour of the resort & facilities.

It was time for a road trip to check it out in person. Since it was only 37 miles from our current campground, today was a good day to take a drive to Webster, Florida. It was chilly today but the sun was shining bright.

The RV Resort is in Webster Florida. Webster is actually in the middle of nowhere. This park currently has 305 sites. Their future plan adds around another close to 400 sites. Because the park is new, the pool and spa are in the process of being built behind the community center.

When we arrived, I went into the reservation office and introduced myself to Kim. Hubby and the pups waited in the truck. Kim gave me a large brochure with rules and a map of the area. Kim gave me a ton of information including all of the pricing options. Now, Hubby and I would drive around and take a look at everything.

We are not Pickleball players but this resort has 12 Pickleball courts. They have Bocce Ball courts and tournament shuffleboard courts. They also have Horseshoes and Table Tennis. There is Bingo, AND DANCES. Maybe Hubby and I will come out of our shell a little and mingle while dancing. Maybe not.

We liked everything we saw. We put a deposit of $100 down to hold the spot we selected. The site we have reserved is a grass site on a corner lot.

This RV resort is in Webster, Florida. As I said above, in the middle of nowhere. Google said “Webster is a city located in Sumter County, Florida, United States. We saw a Dollar General and a Family Dollar. We also saw a flea market and hardware store. We did see a sign saying 37 miles to Lakeland. Being in the middle of nowhere is the only negative feature we could find with this camp resort.

The community center is large and brand new.

Our RV is fully contained and we do not need to use the RV park bathroom facilities. I wanted to check them out because Kim told me how nice they are.

Hubby, BooBoo, Bella and Benji waited in the truck while I checked out the shower/bathrooms.

It’s exciting to stay at a new RV park, but we have to wait a very long time before we stay at this one. RV parks in Florida are hard to reserve. You actually have to reserve a year in advance if you want to stay at a nice park.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.

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