Alligators & Bears AND Pawtique Pet Salon and Spa

Yesterday, I took a scooter ride on the Southside of our RV park and found a trail in a primitive area. I have to tell you that I was scootering alone and I probably should not have been in that area all alone. I also should inform you that my scooter fastest speed is 15 miles per hour. If I had to get away, I would better off to leave the scooter and RUN!

So here I am on my scooter taking a ride in a wilderness area all alone. What was I thinking. I am in Florida and there are alligators in Florida. Alligators can go as rapidly as 11 mph on land. Good information if anyone plans on being alone in an area where there are alligators.

Luckily I did not see any alligators and it was a nice ride through some very pretty scenery. I would have to bring Hubby back here for a ride through this area.

Little did I know, I didn’t have alligators to worry about. Later that same evening there was a post of FaceBook where someone posted there was a bear on that trail I was on. Really, I would have pooped my pants.

Today was a new day and the weather was a beautiful sunny day with a high temperature of 85º. But we would not be relaxing on our deck soaking up the sun. It was grooming day. BooBoo, Bella, and Benji were going to the pet salon. The pups were getting shaggy looking.

They knew they were going somewhere because the Hubby and I were dressed and putting on our shoes. They watch us like a hawk. They know the drill. Hubby and I wear slippers when we are in the RV. We only put on street shoes when we are going somewhere.

When we first got to our campground on December 1st, we found a great grooming salon. Pawtique Pet Salon and Spa is in Mount Dora. Our Furbabies were going to have a Spa day.

Back in December when we dropped them off at the Salon, we went into a special room where our pups got to spend some time with the staff before we left them. We felt comfortable that our pups liked the staff. Today, after knowing how well the last grooming session went, we took the pups in and they were taken right away into the grooming are with other pups and we left. We now had four hours to find something to do. When we take all three furbabies to the groomer at the same time, we have three to four hours of freedom. Not only are they getting groomed, we have a babysitter. We found a nice family restaurant that served breakfast. The parking lot was full of cars so we figured it was a good restaurant. The Haystax Restaurant had great food and our waitress was fantastic. I do have to mention, there must have been something we didn’t know because it was a silver hair restaurant. I think Hubby and I were the youngest people in there and we are not young chickens.

After our breakfast, we took a trip to Publix. Got some groceries.

We still had a few hours to kill so we took a ride around Mount Dora. Mount Dora is also known as the ‘New England Town of the South. Mount Dora, sits on its Eastern shore of Lake Dora.

Gilbert Park is a lakefront park housing a playground, picnic pavilions & BBQs, plus a shelter area, benches & trails. Since we didn’t have the pups with us, we decided to park and walk around Gilbert Park.

Lake Dora is known for being one of the most prestigious lakes within the Harris Chain of Lakes.

Gilbert Park is a charming park on the shores of Lake Dora. Plenty of parking for boaters, large shade trees, and a brightly painted lighthouse greet visitors and locals.

At the Port of Mount Dora, next to the Mount Dora Marina and the public boat ramps you will discover the Mount Dora Lighthouse.

We stop to just take-in the beautiful view.

While walking around Gilbert Park, we saw signs alerting us of alligators and snakes in the area. Thankfully, the alligator below was the only gator we saw in the park.

It was going on four hours and I was getting anxious to see my furbabies. We got the call that our pups were ready to be picked up. When we walked into the salon, they were sure happy to see us. They were playing with other pups when we got there to pick them up, but as soon as they saw us, they were jumping up on us as if they were saying, “why did you leave me and i’m glad you are back”. “Can we go home now?”

Although we had four hours of freedom, I missed my furbabies. I was as happy to have them back in my arms as they were happy to be back with us.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and watch out for bears and alligators.

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