Wekiva Springs State Park – Day Trip!

Today started like any other day. BooBoo was resting on his chair like the “King” he is. It was going to be warm and sunny today. He got excited when I asked him if he wanted to go on a road trip today.

We were going to Wekiva Springs State Park. I did my online research and found the park is dog friendly on all of the trails. Dogs are just not permitted near the water and in the swim area.

A $6 admission per car which was fine with us. Park employees collected the money from the building close to the entrance of the park. We paid our $6 and received a few brochures. There were plenty of parking spaces. We picked a larger space near the very end of the parking area. We got the pups ready for our hike and off we went to explore the park.

As usual, Benji would ride in his backpack on my back. Benji is not a good walker and he uncontrollably barks at other dogs when he is allowed to walk on a leash. He also pulls too hard and even with him in a body harness, because he pulls so hard that it is hard on his throat. We have been training him when we take our walks at the campground, but he is not yet ready to walk when we do our day trips. Everybody we pass makes comments on how cute the puppy in the backpack is.

Hubby would handle BooBoo and Bella. They are good walkers.

Hubby and I needed a day out. We’ve been cooped up for too many days. It’s been chilly here in Florida so we’ve been staying in. Today, the high was 77º and we were going out. We enjoy our day adventures and today’s visit to the park was fun.

Even with Benji on my back, I am steps ahead of Hubby, BooBoo and Bella. “Come on you guys, keep up”.

There are several paved lanes around the parking area but the trails are mostly sand.

Wooden ramps take you from the rows of parking lots down to the trails and the swim hole.

The swim hole was not crowded today. Probably because it is a weekday. Maybe weekends are crowded. I got some pictures of the swim area from up on the trail. Dogs are not allowed in the swim area.

Back at the truck, Hubby took Benji for a short peepee walk. BooBoo, Bella and I waited in the truck.

I wonder if most of us take for granted how precious our lives are. We all need to slow down and enjoy each and every day. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Do things that make you happy. Take that vacation you talked about. Take a mental health day from work and just sit around with loved ones or by yourself doing absolutely nothing. Turn off the TV, the news will depress you. Put that video game away for a while, and instead of playing your game, spend the time just talking to that special someone in your life. Go for a walk unless it’s too cold out. If you live in the north and it’s too cold out, cozy up on the couch with your favorite blanket and a good book. Watch a love story on TV. If you have the desire to travel full time in an RV, do it.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind, Trust in God, Live life to the fullest.

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