Cricket, No Not the Bug & You Gotta Have Sunshine to see a Sunset!

If you’ve been following us, you know we have these really cute mobility scooters. The top speeds on these scooters are 15 miles per hour. They have lights and turn signals.

I love my scooter but the Hubby does not like his. We bought two different models and Hubby’s was the more expensive one. They are only a year old and hubby’s scooter had some issues that we paid a lot of money to get them fixed. The company had a horrible warranty. Although the scooter is fixed now, Hubby just does not like it. You’ve probably heard the saying “happy wife, happy life“. Well I feel the same goes for Hubby. Gotta keep Hubby happy too. Gotta get Hubby something that makes him happy.

We wish we would have known about Cricket Golf Carts before we bought the scooters. We are buying this little beauty in the picture below. I am keeping my scooter. Anyone want to buy a mobility scooter at a really good price?

Most of the campgrounds we stay in allow Golf Carts and some of the parks are so large you need a Golf Cart just to get around in. The Grasshopper is just the right size and will fit in the garage area of the 5th wheel along with the scooters.

Mike and Lori are the owners of Cricket Mini Golf Carts. Their business is located in Daytona Beach. This is where we are buying our Golf Cart. I had the pleasure of personally meeting Lori. She told us all about the Grasshopper Golf Cart and allowed both the Hubby and I to drive it around the parking lot. We told Lori that we needed to think it over and we would get back to her soon. We slept on it and put a deposit down today.

After getting our business done at the Cricket Dealership, we took a drive along the beach. We didn’t stop at Daytona Beach this time but thought we would drive down 1A and A1A for a while. We drove on Daytona beach last year. Last year there was a $10 fee and the beach was not dog friendly so we didn’t feel the need to drive on the beach again. I would imagine it is the same this year. So this year, we drove right by the World’s Most Famous Beach.

Along A1A, there are all of these tall buildings that are probably Condos. They are right on the beach and I would imagine you have to be pretty wealthy to live in one of these highrises.

We followed the signs to the beach.

Along our drive we came upon the Bethune-Volusia beach. There were many free parking places. We pulled in and parked. The beach was mostly empty. I saw a few people walking in the sand along the water’s edge.

It was 70 degrees but the water temperature was a chilly 64º. To my surprise, there was a surfer in the water with his/her surfboard. If you ever snow skied and learned to ski on the bunny hill, that is what the waves today reminded me of. These wave were bunny waves for beginner skiers.

I think these birds are Seagulls. Sorry, I’m not up on my bird species. I just googled it and there are 196 species in Florida. Glad this one didn’t shit on me as it flew over my head.

Our fur babies are such good riders. We do not leave them alone in the 5th wheel if we are going to be gone for more than an hour or so. If I do leave them alone, I have cameras throughout the camper where I can watch their every move. We take them on our daily adventures. Since this adventure was at least a four hour day in the truck, we brought them along.

My sister who lives in Pennsylvania and I were talking on the phone this evening. While on the phone, I saw and snapped pictures of this amazing sunset here in Florida. She told me it was pitch dark in Pennsylvania and people driving on the roads with their headlights on.

You have to see the sun to have a sunset. On the news in Pennsylvania today, it was reported that the last 28 straight days were cloudy, non-sunny days.

We were video messaging and my sister was shocked that it was still daylight in Florida. She also got to see this most amazing sunset through our video chat.

I love these five palm trees, especially during a beautiful sunset. Now, that’s what I am talking about!

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and remember, if the sun isn’t shining, you most likely won’t see a beautiful sunset.


10 thoughts on “Cricket, No Not the Bug & You Gotta Have Sunshine to see a Sunset!

  1. Kris

    How do you like your Grasshopper so far? I’ve had my eye on it for some time. What is the top speed on level smooth ground with 2 occupants? also, can you give me measurement of front seat width between handrails? Nice pics! Just got quote from them via email. 7.5k, yikes. AND another 500 if we want it shipped up here. Maybe wait to do an RV beach trip down there and pick it up in person.


    1. We like the Grasshopper. It is supposed to go 17 mph but we have not tried it yet. I’ll give it a try and let you know.. The speed limits in the parks are 5 mph so we keep the speed limit. The handles come off. My husband and I both fit on the seat with room to spare. I’ll measure it later and let you know. We got free delivery because we were very close to Daytona.


      1. Kris

        Thanks! Where I go on Outer Banks NC (Hatteras), they are allowed on streets, so I know I would keep it floored and watch for traffic from rear. The company replied to my inquiry, seat is 36″, so no need to measure. I will be a bit more of a cozy fit for us. Working on that! When time comes hoping to make a trip to FL in RV and pick up there.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. To be honest with you, we took it out west this past summer. We were never in an area where we could use it. We had it in the garage of our 5th wheel, which was okay. We didn’t think to charge it. When we got back, the batteries were dead. We messaged the seller because we had a one-year warranty thinking it was something other than the batteries. They messaged us back telling us we should have kept it charged and that the batteries were ruined. They said to replace the batteries it would cost us $500 for new batteries. They said they would not charge us labor to change the batteries. It’s sitting under cover outside of our 5th wheel in the RV park we are currently staying at. The problem is we would need to rent a Uhaul trailer and take our Cricket to Daytona, two hours away. We have not decided what we plan on doing. The seller said the instruction warned us to keep the batteries charged. The instructions said it is recommended to keep the batteries charged. We never thought that 3 months would kill the batteries and replacements were $500.


      1. Kris

        Oh, that stinks! But I’m surprised, you guys being RVers, must know how important it is to keep FLA batteries charged, and that connected batteries will go dead, just like in RV. Yes, letting FLA batts get that low will destroy them. I would try this: I assume the batts are accessible for service. Disconnect them all. Check water and make sure plates are at least covered. Get an old fashioned battery charger that doesn’t depend on a minimum voltage like smart chargers do, and try to charge one up. Recheck water level, make sure it is up to proper level after charging. If the batteries are accessible, you can change them yourself, since warranty is not going to help in this case anyhow. How many batteries are in that thing? I assume it uses standard golf cart 6v batteries.


      2. Kris

        I am guessing they are 12v batteries connected in series to for a 36v system. When I get mine, I’m thinking of upgrading to Lithiums, way lighter so better payload capacity.


      3. Kris

        A 36v 24 amp charger is 500 bucks from NOCO. The cheaper Chinese Li batts can now be gotten for under 400 bucks each, so even going the cheap route, you are talking 1,000 bucks for batts and 500 for the charger, unless the existing charger is Li capable.


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