Is That a Plane in the Sky? Is SRAT really a word?

I believe our campground is under a flight pattern for an airport. I believe it is the Orlando Sanford International Airport. Sanford is Orlando’s secondary commercial airport, but is farther away from downtown Orlando and the major theme parks than the primary airport, Orlando International Airport. Who Knew?

The plane in the picture below is high in the sky. Some planes are so close to the ground flying over the campground, we can read the writing on the plane. We see several each day while sitting on the deck. It’s 10 AM and I hear one going over now.

It is raining today but yesterday was a beautiful day for sitting on the deck. There was a lot of activity in the park yesterday. Our campsite sits on a very busy corner. Several times we saw near accidents between vehicles and golf carts, both going too fast. The park has a nine mile per hour speed limit which most people do not adhere to.

Hubby and I got out the scrabble game. The game was brand new, never opened. It had been such a long time since I played that I had to take a quick glance at the rules. The only thing I did remember was we needed to start with seven tiles. It was the first time we played the game so after I screwed up, we decided to make this first game a test game where neither of us would be declared the winner. Somehow, and don’t ask me how, I made a word. R A T was an existing word on the board. I had a blank tile. I think I was dyslexic or the thought of a triple word square got the best of me. I made the word W E S T added to R A T for a total of almost 30 points. That score put me in the lead. I was winning. I did a little happy dance. We played on and Hubby took his turn, I took my turn and then Hubby asked: “What is a SRAT?”. We both laughed so hard.

We are still laughing and now Hubby has something to hold over my head. He asked me this morning if a S R A T was a super rat?

Did anyone ever try to play scrabble with pups on their lap?

Yesterday, we ventured out with the pups. We needed to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. Our insurance pays for prescriptions at CVS pharmacies and they are everywhere. All of our doctors have Web Portals where we can log on to our specific portal and ask questions or request refills from the doctors. When traveling, since we are in different areas, I google the CVS located near us and give the address and pharmacy location number to our doctor. We get a text message from CVS when our prescription is ready for pick up. Easy Peasy. When we were in Maine, the closest CVS Pharmacy was in Bangor, a 50 minute drive. Most are much closer. A bunch of CVS Pharmacies are located in Target Department stores which is very nice, except for when you go in to pick up your prescriptions and come out with a bunch of Target store stuff you really didn’t need to buy.

Because BooBoo gets anxious riding in the truck, he gets to sit up front with us. Bella and Benji are tethered in the back seat. BooBoo is getting much better. We stopped medicating him. Now, the only time he gets anxious is when Hubby turns on the turn signal and slow down.

It’s raining today so we will stay in. Maybe we will give scrabble another try. Maybe not. Checkout is 11 AM and there is a parade of RVs leaving the park this morning. I guess the Holidays are officially over today. Most people have to go to work tomorrow.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and Don’t Cheat at Scrabble.

PS. I just googled SRAT. Please comment if you think this can be used as a word in Scrabble.

2 thoughts on “Is That a Plane in the Sky? Is SRAT really a word?

  1. dianevitanza

    It is my understanding that abbreviations are not allowed in Scrabble, so even though it may be in the dictionary, you still can’t use it 😟


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