A New Year, A New Day!

Happy New Year, family and friends. I don’t do new year’s resolutions. Never have. Glad I’m in Florida for the weather. Sad I’m in Florida because I won’t be able to celebrate my sister’s birthday with her. My sister is 11 years younger than me and I’ve taken care of her all of my life. I do it from a distance now. We kinda take care of each other.

Happy Birthday Gerri.

We really don’t have any plans for today. Hubby wants to watch some college bowl games today. OHIO STATE VS. CLEMSON will be a good game. We are Penn State fans so Hubby will for sure root for Clemson.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and Enjoy this first day of 2021.

If you are not following me and you want to get an email each time I publish a post, enter your email in the right hand column and hit follow me. Someone the other day asked if I make money writing my blog. I do not. I write it for several reasons. I write my blog so my family and friends know what I am doing. I write my blog so all of my readers can read about a day in the life of a full time traveler. I write my blog so people can see how stinking cute my fur babies are. I write my blog also as a journal or a diary that everyone can read. My memory got lazy when I retired.

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