My Last Blog Post of 2020 – New Years Eve

Being stationary for these few winter months in Florida has its benefits, but is very boring. I love going to new states and seeing new places, but if we were to spend winters in warm weather, Florida is the best place for us.

Today, we scratched off a few more items on our “to do” list. We cleaned the filters in the air conditioners and the screens in our ceiling fans. We scrubbed our door mat. This door mat was a Christmas present from my sister last year. It cleaned up well.

Today was a busy day in the park. RV after RV paraded into the park. If I had counted, I think I would have counted at least 50 RV’s entering the park. Our site is a corner lot situated where we can watch every RV as they enter the campground. The RVs either go straight past us or the RVs take a sharp right turn and go to the south side of the park. Either way, they pass by our site. We spent most of the day today sitting on the deck watching the parade.

The high today was 83 degrees. A perfect day to sit on the deck.

Benji and Bella take turns sitting on Hubby’s lap. BooBoo jumps up on my lap before I am fully seated in my deck chair.

We have a drape hanging between the garage area and the living area of the 5th wheel. Hubby likes air conditioning and I like the windows open. We normally have the air on in the bedroom and living area. In the garage area, I have the 3 season doors open to the deck. The windows are also open in the garage allowing for a nice breeze to come into the garage.

There is a door between the garage and living room but we don’t shut it because our pups like to go to the outside deck through the garage. So to keep the cold air conditioning from coming into the garage area, we have a drape.

BooBoo loves being in the garage but likes to peek under the drape to see what Benji and Bella are doing.

Hubby and I will have a relaxing but not quiet evening. People are setting off fireworks and Benji and Bella get scared when they hear the big booms. Benji is under the covers and Bella is cowering in fear ready to take cover under the bed. It’s going to be a long night for us and the pups. I was hoping the park would be quiet but with almost every site filled in a park that has over 800 sites, it is hard to tell what the evening and night will bring. Quiet time starts at 10 pm, but with this being New Year’s Eve, it’s hard to tell what will be.

2020 will be a year that everyone will remember, but not all for good. I, myself, look forward to the new year. As we all say goodbye 2020 may we all be able to enjoy a much better 2021. Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. Yes, she’s a New Years Baby. Happy Birthday Sister.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be kind to Every Kind


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