Dog Mother Wine Lover

As bad as the year 2020 was, I can’t believe it is almost over. It wasn’t all that bad for us. We still traveled even though there was a pandemic. We have our own home on wheels. We sleep in our own bed. We use our own bathrooms. Yes, we have two full bathrooms in our 5th wheel. We’ve only gone out to eat twice in the whole year 2020. We practice social distancing, hand washing and we wear our masks.

I also can’t believe we’ve been at our campground in Florida for almost a month now. Time is flying by so fast. I think the older you get, the faster time goes by. In a few short days, it will be the year 2021.

Campgrounds in Florida are not full because of the pandemic. I recently discovered why. The Canadians are not here. I never knew how many Canadians come to Florida in the winter. You learn something new all of the time. I guess for next year, I need to reserve early because hopefully the pandemic will be under control and if Canada’s border opens, they will be eager for a warm winter.

We had another beautiful sunset last night. Sunsets here in Florida happen almost every evening. Usually, I am making the hubby supper during the sunsets and I forget about them. Last night, Hubby looked out and mentioned to me how pretty the sky looked. I grabbed my camera, went out on our deck and snapped a few pictures with my phone.

Remember back before cell phones had cameras? We had to carry our still picture cameras and camcorders with us. I always took my cameras with me everywhere so we have a lot of memories of my family growing up. Now, mostly everyone has cell phones with really good cameras. There is no excuse not to have tons of picture memories these days. My phone has 6,447 pictures and 306 videos.

I love my new “Dog Mother Wine Lover” Sweatshirt. The sweatshirt itself is so soft, cozy, and warm. Yes, I needed to wear it yesterday because it was very chilly here in Florida. I went out on the deck a few times but never ventured outside other than the few times I went out on my deck. If I were to be in PA with the snow, I probably would not have even gotten out of bed.

Anyway, my nieces sell these sweatshirts at their online boutique. My sweatshirt was one of my Christmas gifts. My niece Molly is modeling the two versions of the sweatshirt. All dog lovers should have one.

I want to offer my readers my code for 15% off if any of you want to order these sweatshirts or anything else at Rae Lux Boutique. The code is – LINDA15

The website is.

Just enter the code at checkout. The clothes are so cute and my nieces have the inventory at their location and they ship it out. This way, my nieces get to see and inspect every item to make sure it is quality. Some of the online boutiques are middlemen and have warehouses ship the items.

Yep, I’m a Dog Mother. Am I a dog lover? I think so. Never a dull moment with these three pups. Hubby and I get unconditional love and lots of cuddles from these three.

Every morning when we wake up, BooBoo and I watch out the window for the campground to come alive. BooBoo is actually looking for kitties.

I bought a sun umbrella from Amazon. We have an awning over the back deck, but the sun comes in at such a weird angle that the awning does nothing to keep the sun off the deck. Hubby needs shade. The color does not match anything, but the price was right and I needed the smallest umbrella I could find on Amazon. I also needed the umbrella to tilt. I passed up looks for functionality and price.

My sister wants tomatoes from Florida. Hubby and I ventured to the farm stand today to get sister tomatoes. Baggs Produce has a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. I will pack up the tomatoes tomorrow. I was sending a care package anyway so what is a few tomatoes added to the box. Hope she does not have tomato juice when she opens the box.

We took a quick ride through Sanford. We want to go back and walk around with the pups.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and Patronize Small Businesses,
Shop Rae Lux.


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