Merry Christmas Everyone

Since we’ve been traveling full-time in our 5th wheel RV, we spend Christmas in Florida. It’s a tradeoff. Warm weather and Christmas spent with Hubby and fur babies trading off for spending holidays with northern family, freezing cold, ice, and snow. Although, I miss my family, I do not miss the snow and cold.

Christmas morning in Hermitage, PA, our home base had plenty of snow on the ground and more to come. My northern family is under a winter snowstorm advisory and we, in central Florida, last night was under an advisory for storms and high winds.

Although it was chilly on Christmas morning in Florida, the sun was shining bright. A little sunshine makes all of the difference in the world.

Christmas night would be the coldest in over 20 years. I would imagine these cold temps would affect Floridians more than us snowbirds. I was happy to get to wear my Dog Mother sweatshirt today.

The storms and heavy wind came through last night with a vengeance, knocking out the parks electricity. The outside temperatures dropped quickly. It was 45° outside when the electricity went off and by 5 AM it would be down to 39°. Still a lot better than what they’re getting back at our home base in Pennsylvania. At 2 o’clock in the morning I turned on the generator and turned on the heat to get the chill off. As to not bother the neighbors, we turned off the generator after 15 minutes. It was enough time to get our coach warm. The electricity came back on at around 3 AM.

On Christmas Eve, we open presents over Facebook portal. My northern family congregates at Steve and Chelsea’s house and the Hubby and I get comfortable in the 5th wheel, waiting for the call to come in on the portal. Not as much fun as being there in person but it would have to do because it was our only option to be able to watch everyone open their presents. Our presents were mailed to us and arrived by UPS just in time.

The call came in and I opened the portal. Below is what we looked like from the living room at Steve and Chelsea’s. This is what my northern family would see.

Below is what I saw when I looked into our portal. I could see their living room and everyone in it.

The portal screen in the top right hand corner zoomed in on me as I was the only one in the room. Hubby, Benji and Bella went to the bedroom to relax and watch TV. The rest of the screen shows the whole living area at Steve and Chelsea’s.

I even got some “one on one” time with some of them.

Opening presents was fun. I opened Hubby’s presents for him. His hands were full of fur babies.

The pups joined in on the fun.

Hubby and I got some great presents from our family. A few years ago, we decided to pick names. Instead of buying everyone small presents we can now buy more expensive presents for one person. So everyone gets a quality gift. Hubby and I are very difficult to buy for because we have everything. And we live in less than 400 square feet so there’s no room to put anything.

Vinny, Molly’s fiancé picked Hubby’s name and of course Molly picked out the gifts with a little help for me and did an excellent job. Hubby got a cuban gold braided necklace from Jaxxon. He got a ball cap and wallet.

David, Lindsay’s husband pick my name and of course Lindsay picked out the gifts and did an excellent job. I got a “Dog Mother, Wine Lover” sweatshirt.

I got a PupProtector Waterproof throw from This is perfect for me because I always worried that the pups would ruin my mattress and heated mattress cover on my bed in the garage. Now, it will look like my bed is always made. When I opened the box and pulled out this fur thing, I thought why would I get a fur coat when I hope to never see freezing weather again. Thankful it is not a fur coat. ha ha ha

I also got a new band for my iWatch and a wallet for my waist purse.

BooBoo loves the PAW furry blanket throw.

Each year, we carry on the tradition that our Bummy (my mom) started years ago. Bummy used to buy us all lottery tickets. Bummy passed away summer of 2013 and I know she watches us from Heaven as we scratch off our lottery tickets. She sure isn’t sending us any luck as we never win more than maybe a $10 or $5 winning ticket.

This year, we have babies in the family. Max is flying around the living room. He will fear no evil when he grows up. That could be good or it can be not so good.

Everything is different this year with babies in the family. We are truly blessed to have these little stinking cute bundles of joy in the family.

My sister and three nieces are essential workers in the medical field. God, please bless them as they do their job. Congratulations to my sister on the purchase of their new home within walking distance to the girls.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and Please God, Bless all of our Essential Workers.


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