A Week in the Life of an RVer.

We are “somewhat” stationary during the winter months. We are in Florida, escaping the cold and snow our northern family is having to put up with during these cold winter months . We also are getting some projects from our “to do” list completed.

Florida went through cold spell for a few days. BooBoo and I went out for our morning walk. It was a little chilly so I put a sweater on BooBoo. I had on a sweatshirt. The high on that day was 63º but we went for our walk in the morning before the sun had a chance to warm things up and it was only 57º.

I can cross off an item from our “to do” list. This was a big chore that took a few hours to complete. It was a nice warm day before the cold snap hit and the sun was shining bright. I worked up a little bit if a sweat moving all of the containers. We organized the outdoor storage area. I bought six containers from Walmart. The new containers are flatter and stackable.

The first thing we did was remove everything from the storage area. We were going to start all over, only keeping what was 100% needed. The containers would be labeled so we would know what is in them.

We have bottles for everything scattered in every nook and cranny. You name it, we probably have it. All of these bottles are now in one container near the water area of the storage unit and easily accessible. I’ll bet ya hubby will still call out to me to tell me he can’t find something. And of course, I will walk over to the container of bottles and find it in just a few seconds. He needs me.

Everything is fitting just as I pictured it to fit.

A place for everything and everything in its place. We will have to rearrange a little when we hit the road, but for now, being stationary for a few months, we need to have easy access to everything.

A big winter snow storm hit the northeast this past week. My family in Pennsylvania saw a lot of snow. All of my northern family and friends were texting me pictures of the snow.

There is a free app for a police scanner. I have the app on my phone and it is interesting to listen to the scanner when the weather gets bad. I listened to it on the day the snow storm hit PA. I had it programmed for my home base. Many, many accidents were being reported. Then there was the occasional mental health person needing an ambulance. There was also a 45 year old woman, staying in a seedy motel, that was overdosing. Prayers for both of them. You never know what you will hear on the scanner. I only listen to this app when i’m bored and roads are bad so I can alert my northern family of what roads to stay away from. There are also two apps that are excellent for reporting road conditions and accidents. In PA, the app is PA511. In OH, the app is OH GO.

Some areas of PA got over a foot of snow from this snow storm.

We normally don’t go to restaurants. I cook meals for me and meals for the hubby every day. He does not eat what I eat and I do not eat what he eats. I try to stick to a healthy, plant based diet.

I was hungry for a veggie burrito. This is often known as vegan junk food. But it sure was tasty. And this steamed vegetable bag made this burrito so easy to make.

I made myself some cabbage, vegetable soup. It was just what I needed when the cold snap hit Florida. Soup on a chilly day just hit the spot.

I cook Hubby’s meals outside on the Blackstone Griddle. I love this griddle. The more I use it the more seasoned it gets and clean up is a snap. It’s great for grilling camping food. Camping food for Hubby consists of hotdogs, hamburgers, steaks, chicken and pork chops.

We have another project scheduled for today. Our flagpole arrived and now we have to put it up. Hubby asked me to read the directions. He didn’t understand them. OMG. The instructions have pictures and very good pictures.

I actually put the top together while watching TV sitting on my bed. We bought a solar light for the lamp pole and I put it on too. Can’t wait to see it illuminated at night.

Hubby’s motto is “put off till tomorrow or next week what you can do today”. Knowing that, I got the flagpole out of the box, put the ball, light and pulley system on the pole. I took it to where we needed to mount it to our 5th wheel ladder and called Hubby out to help.

Walla!!! With a little help from Hubby, the flag is flying high over our 5th wheel.

Flagpole project completed.

I am so sick of stink bugs. We find at least five or six a day, every day. We do not kill them because they STINK. We capture them and flush them down the toilet or sweep them up in the sweeper. I thought maybe we had so many because they reproduce after they get inside. Guess not!

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the deck enjoying the outside.

BooBoo knows how to jump up on my lap and push Bella out of the way.

The camp resort we are staying in allows package delivery. All packages are delivered by UPS, Fed X, USPS and Prime at the camp store. Hubby goes to the store to get our packages. I am waiting for a package that was supposed to be delivered yesterday by the USPS and of course it’s running late. This isn’t the first time that United States Postal Service has disappointed me and did not make the expected delivery date.

It’s getting to feel a lot like Christmas. Well, Florida will never see a white Christmas but I have been playing Christmas music. We have three speaker zones in the 5th wheel where I can listen to music from. I’m sitting on my deck listening to Mannheim Steamroller while Hubby is inside watching college football.

We take our daily walks. I now include Bella on our walks. She walks pretty good. On this walk, she suddenly stopped for some reason and I almost tripped over her and hit the ground face first. I did a good recovery from the stumble and both Bella and I lived to talk about it.

It’s Saturday evening, six days away from Christmas. On this Saturday evening, the campground put on a golf cart parade. Lights and music rolled past our 5th wheel.

I’m getting antsy. I need to look for another idea for a day trip for us. This is something fun for me to do. There are several lakes that have walking trails near us. There are alligators in these lakes so we have to be careful with the pups. Most parks in Florida are dog friendly.

I hope this post gives you an idea of what a week in the life of an RVer is like when you’re stationary for a while. Even on a day where there’s nothing to do, we are not bored and a day goes by so quickly.

God bless, stay safe, and be kind to every kind.


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