Rockledge Gardens & Farm Market – Dog Friendly

Road Trip! We packed up the pups. We are going on a road trip and the pups are going to the dog friendly, Rockland Gardens and Farm Market. Rockledge is a little south of Titusville, Florida and near Cocoa Beach, an hours drive from our campground.

I’m always in search of dog friendly places to go. There is a website called “Bring Fido” that I rely on for information concerning dog friendly places. I read that Rockland Gardens is dog friendly, but when we got to this place, we didn’t trust the internet. So, just to make sure, I went in alone while hubby and the pups waited in the truck. I needed to make sure the pups were really welcome before we got the pups out of the truck. Sure enough, dogs are allowed in every area of Rockland Gardens. They are even welcome in the red building that housed the farm market.

With Benji in his backpack and BooBoo and Bella on their leashes, we headed into the gardens not knowing what to expect. How would they behave? Would BooBoo decide to poop on the sidewalk in front of everyone?

Benji actually likes to ride in the backpack. I usually put Benji on my back, but today decided to put him in front of me. I could better handle him if he decided he didn’t want to behave.

All three of them were so well behaved in the gardens. Benji didn’t have a choice as he was in his backpack. BooBoo did pee on a flower pot when Hubby wasn’t paying attention.

Hubby wanted to find the farm market that was located in the big red building. I found a chair on the deck outside of the building that housed the farm market. Still not trusting BooBoo not to pee on anything with a leg inside, we felt it was better for BooBoo and Bella to stay outside with me while hubby went in to look around.

BooBoo and Bella could not believe their dad left them. It’s not like he left them with a total stranger. They were with me, but they wanted to go inside too.

Hubby came out empty handed. The fresh fruit and vegetable area consisted of a few brown tomatoes and some scallion onions. I thought I wanted to see what was inside so I peeked my head inside the door and asked the clerk if Benji was allowed inside. Sure enough, he was allowed.

Although the farm market didn’t have much in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables, I did buy some jars of canned pickles and two jars of jelly.

We strolled the walkways throughout the gardens.

It’s so nice to see flowering trees in December.

On the way home, we decided to take a detour and explore the area. We were surprised to see two cruise ships from the Disney Cruise Line.

Disney Cruise Line has extended its halt to sailings through January, dealing another blow to Port Canaveral and the Space Coast tourism industry. Multiple cruise ships have not sailed out of Port Canaveral since March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

During a pandemic, unfortunately, most of my pictures are taken from inside of our truck. I have to deal with obstacles such as mirrors and window frames.

With Christmas just around the corner, Santa waives hello. Wonder what Santa looks like after dark when he is all lit up. Hello Santa!

We also saw cars and RVs starting to line up along the road. What are they waiting for? At 8 pm, the US spy satellite on a giant Delta IV Heavy rocket was due to launch. People were finding the best spot to watch it. They were getting out their tripods and fancy cameras. We would watch it on TV.

We got home around 5 pm. Yes, our home is where we park it. Soon after we got home, I captured another beautiful sunset.

I was overjoyed that I found a dog friendly place to take the pups and they behaved so well. I’m so looking forward to future adventures.

The day was enjoyable.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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