BooBoo, Bella, & Benji. Day at the Salon & Spa.

Mount Dora is a cute little town located about 15 minutes south of our campground. I knew when we got to Wekiva, we would need a groomer. It had been three months. Much longer than we like to wait between groomings. Not just any groomer will do. The groomer needed to be pretty near perfect for me to trust my furbabies to them. I found one I liked in Mount Dora. I read all of their reviews and looked at all of the pictures on their facebook page. What I found doing my extensive research, I liked.

Through Facebook messenger we corresponded back and forth for a few days. We were lucky. They could take all three at the same time. I made an appointment for all three. Our appointment was for 10 am today. Our pups were going on a Spa day.

We got to the Salon around 10 minutes early. I went in alone and filled out a note card for each of the pups. I liked the looks of this place on the outside and inside was nice too.

The staff was very friendly. After I completed a note card for each of them, I went out to the truck to help Hubby bring them in. We were greeted by the groomer and we told her what we thought we wanted for each of them. Because Benji’s fur is so thick and grows so fast, we wanted the summer cut for him. With BooBoo and Bella, we just said we liked their ears and tails long. We said: “make them look nice”.

There were other cute little dogs at the salon and we were asked if ours got along with other dogs. We had to admit we didn’t know. We never had ours around other dogs. That was fine because they had a playroom where our pups didn’t have to interact with other dogs. We took them to the play room where they would wait for their turn in the grooming room.

Once in the playroom, BooBoo ran around like a crazy dog, Bella sniffed the area out not sure if she liked it there and Benji tried to escape out the door. After a short while, they seemed to like the staff which made me comfortable. We were told they would call us when it was time to pick them up.

Hubby and I now had around 3 hours of freedom. We actually went to a restaurant and did some shopping. We don’t very often leave our furbabies alone so we took full advantage of these three hours.

We had three happy pups when we picked them up. What an awesome job the groomer did on our pups and the price was right. It was a win, win.

BooBoo must have made himself at home because when we walked in, we didn’t see him. I thought he would be waiting for me at the gate. Soon he was at the gate happy as can be to see us. It so happened, after we left, our pups were put in the grooming room with another pup and they got along fine. I was happy they had a playmate. You never know when we might have to put them in a doggie day care for a day. Now if it ever came to that, I would feel comfortable with that also.

Bella was sitting on the lap of one of the staff. He thought she was the cutest ever. He teased he was going to keep her. He had a Shih Tzu at home that looked just like Bella. Bella is supposed to be a Shichon, but she looks like 100% Shih Tzu.

I wonder how long those cute little bows will stay on her ears. If she doesn’t get them out herself, her brothers will help her out with that. Hubby said he will give it two days before the bows are on the floor.

Benji has one pink eye and it really comes into view when he is groomed. He was born with that pink eye. Benji is such a cutie. Back when COVID closed everything down, we could not get to a groomer because they were all closed, Benji’s ears were matted so he had to have them shaved. They are growing back in.

All three pups were happy as can be to be back in the truck heading to our home. Hubby and I were happy as can be to have them looking so nice and smelling so good.

We told the staff at Pawtique we would be back. They said we were always welcome. I highly recommend Pawtique Pet Salon and Spa.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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