We’re Back… Wekiva

We stayed at Wekiva Falls last year during December and half of January. We liked it so much, before we left last year, we made reservations for this year. We knew exactly what site we wanted to say on. It’s a big corner lot with plenty of room. When I checked in, the sweet lady that checked me in complimented our 5th wheel by saying how nice our beautiful rig would look on the best site in the park.

The one thing I really like about our site is the chance to capture beautiful sunsets. This is only our second night here and I got pictures of this beautiful sunset. I took these pictures from our deck.

It gets dark early so we turned on our outside lights.. We like our outside lights and solar torches. I will probably change the lights to green or red color for Christmas.

The Steelers played against the Ravens today. Yay, they won. The game was postponed several times because of COVID. It was initially supposed to be played on Thanksgiving day. They finally played today, but it was an afternoon game and didn’t end until it was dark outside and chilly here in Florida. It was down right cold in Pittsburgh. Hubby is NOT a Steeler fan. He is a Packer fan. So during the whole game, Hubby made comments like: “Wait till they play a good team”.

The Steelers won.

To take the chill off, Hubby turned on the electric fireplace. It gives off heat and takes the chill off. It also looks nice.

Hubby and the pups got into their positions on the couch in front of the TV. Time to rest and watch the game.

Tomorrow is going to be hard for me. We are taking our three furbabies to a groomer in Mt Dora. Actually, we are taking them to a Salon & Spa. They will have a Spa day. Do you know how long it has been since i’ve been to a spa? It’s been a while, We have to leave them there and I will be so stressed until I pick them up. This goomer has a lot of good reviews and I’m not worried about her grooming them. I’m sure they will look great. I just don’t like leaving them with strangers. This groomer will take all three at the same time so they will be together.

Although it is Chilly here in Florida, it won’t last long. Temps will be in the high 70s this weekend. But, back at our homebase, it is cold and it snowed. My Goddaughter took this picture to show me how much snow they got. I feel bad for my family and friends in Pennsylvania. It makes me feel very fortunate to not have to be in Pennsylvania for the winter.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind. If you are up north, Stay Warm.


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