THANKSGIVING…My Claim to Fame is not Cooking.

Nope, I did not spend my day stuffing a turkey. I didn’t bake a pumpkin pie from scratch or even from a can of pumpkin and premade pie shell. I didn’t peel potatoes for mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. I didn’t bring out the nice corelle plates.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve done it all before. I have great memories of me and my mom (RIP mom) making thanksgiving dinner in years past. We had to cut up the bread for stuffing the night before. On thanksgiving day, we had to stuff the bird and put it in the oven. Peel and cook the potatoes for mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. We usually had two vegetables. We always forgot the crescent rolls in the oven, oops. And after we ate, we had to do the many, many dishes. Those are memories that will remain in my heart forever.

I have great memories of Thanksgiving dinner at my sisters. My sister is a great cook. My job was always to mash the potatoes. Oh, how I hated that job. She usually cooked for 40 family members so I had to mash a lot of potatoes.

We have a new way of life now. Easy peasy is our new way of life. With us having three puppies and us all living through a pandemic, we don’t eat in restaurants. I cook for Hubby daily and I have shortcuts to make things easy. Air fry french fries. Microwave baked potatoes. Boiled potatoes. Frozen vegetables microwaved. Hubby likes to eat later in the day. I eat healthy so I make myself healthy food and eat earlier.

Hubby likes a good homemade pumpkin pie. He also likes brownies. I make box brownies in my Ninja Foodi using the bake feature. Hubby is fine with brownies.

Easy Peasy!

I offered to get Hubby a turkey breast. Hubby said he was fine with his favorite chicken breast meal with Shake’NBake. Easy Peasy!

Hubby does not really care for this stuffing. We had it once before and I thought it was somewhat close to real stuffing. He strongly disagreed. He will eat it to make me happy. It is what it is. Easy Peasy!

I still make myself my mashed potatoes with potato flakes and veg broth. Hubby gets Bob Evans. Easy Peasy!

These Sweet Potatoes were really good. Hum! Easy Peasy!

Everyone loves the dough boy. Easy Peasy!

I brought out my best dinnerware. Hubby has his Mountain Dew and I will enjoy a glass of wine. No dishes. Easy Peasy!

Update. I drank half the bottle of wine. If there are mistakes in this blog post, blame it on the wine.

This wine is a cherry wine. It is so good. That is why I drank half of the bottle.

My meal will be better than what you would eat in a restaurant but never as good as the ones mom and I used to make or my sister’s homemade cooked Vegan Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s not about the food, it is all about being thankful. Below sums it up for me.

Don’t know who Penny Noyes is, but she got it right.

I’m thankful for all of the graces God gave me. I’m thankful for my family. Family includes my husband, sister and Larry, nieces (their spouses & Vin) and nephews and great nephews and nieces. Some I never get to see but they are in my heart.. I’m thankful for Geno and Max. I’m thankful for Step Sons and daughters and grandkids. I’m thankful for God Daughters. I’m thankful for cousins, first, second and if there are third. I’m thankful for the only Aunt I have left, Aunt Margie. I’m thankful for BooBoo, Benji, Bella, Turbo, Coal and Bandit. I’m thankful for all of my friends. I have some really good friends. I’m thankful I can travel the United States in my RV. I’m thankful I am not shoveling snow like one of my Canadian readers is doing.

I’m grateful for my hubby that loves me even when I feed him store bought stuffing and he eats it even though he doesn’t like it.

I’m thankful for technology. I can watch Geno and Max grow up on Facebook Portal, video messenger and Snap Chat.

I’m very thankful that my husband made it possible for me to live my dream. He supported me from day one.

God Bless….

Stay Safe….

Be Kind to Every Kind and


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