Palm Trees, Spanish Moss, & Beaches. We’re in Florida

Yesterday was a travel day and we arrived at our campground in Perry Florida around 2:30 pm. Most of the traveling was done on Route 19. The road was very good. We commented on how we wished all road were this smooth. There was also very little traffic. We passed many cotton fields. Google said “Cotton is the most widely grown row crop in Georgia“.

Palm Trees and Spanish Moss. We’re back in Florida.

I picked another nice campground. I have good luck with KOAs.

The reservation office and camp store are in the same building. The camp store has a good variety of items. I believe if you need something, this camp store has it. The staff is very friendly. Everyone I talked to was helpful and nice.

This KOA is in Perry Florida. Perry appears to be in the middle of nowhere. It’s an hour southwest of Tallahassee. Once we were in Perry, Florida, we had to drive through the heart of town. On the main strip, there were all kinds of Hotels and Motels. Major names like Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express were located in Perry. I wonder what the attraction is?

The attractions for us were location and availability. We needed a campground that was a three hour drive on the route we wanted to drive, and had openings during Thanksgiving.

There are a lot of trees in this campground and they all have spanish moss hanging. There is a huge tree next to us. A large limb reaches over the rear of our coach and last night, a critter must have climbed the tree and spent hours running around on top of our 5th wheel. Sheesh, was it noisy.

We have full hookups on grass and sand. It’s a very level site, long enough to fit our 5th wheel and our Big Boy Truck. If we wanted, we could also put our back deck down. We decided not to use the deck. Rain is in the forecast. Both the pool and hot tub are within view as well as walking distance from our campsite.

It was 80º and sunny today. Back at the home base, the high would be around 46º and raining. And that is why we decided to winter in Florida.

Last night minutes before sunset, I got a picture of a sunball. It was so bright that after looking at it, all I saw were spots in front of my eyes. It looked like a huge fireball.

This is a quaint, quiet campground. When we pulled in, it was rather empty. Today it is filling up with motorhomes, 5th wheels and travel trailers.

What do people from Western Pennsylvania do when they go to Florida? They look for water, oceans, and/or beaches.

Today, we packed up the pups, got in the truck and went on a road trip to find the ocean.

We found that this beach is less than a half hour from our campground. Little did we know we were this close to the ocean. The beach is called Keaton Beach. It was 80º when we were at the beach today. This section of the beach was small so all we could do was enjoy the view. I got some awesome pictures.

The sun was shining bright.

BooBoo used to sit in the backseat with his brother and sister. He now sits up front with me. BooBoo used to love to ride in the truck. Months ago, BooBoo started to have anxiety especially when Hubby slows down and turns on the turn signal. He was fine when we were driving fast. We used to tease that BooBoo had the need for speed. We have anxiety medicine for BooBoo but it makes him so drowsy and I don’t like to see him like that. Today, I gave BooBoo a few drops of CBD oil instead of his medicine and let him sit with me up front. It seemed to work. At first, he was anxious, but after a while, he calmed down. Time will tell.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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