Fair Harbor RV Park, I like this one.

We don’t stay at Walmart or any of the free parking lots overnight when we travel. We stay in campgrounds and I pride myself on finding nice ones most of the time. I put a lot of research into finding the right park for us. We only travel three to four hours a day which means we reach our destination between 2 pm and 3 pm on travel days. It is frowned upon to put your slides out and run your generator in these free parking lots. We have our three pups. What would we do in a parking lot for that many hours with three pups? Since we don’t stay in free parking lots, we stay in a lot of different campgrounds on travel days. Sometimes we stay for one night and there are times we stay longer. Some parks we will return to and some parks we will NEVER return to. We are staying at a park we will return to. I like it here.

This RV park is nice. We have a large pull-through site with full hook-ups with a lot of amenities. It’s clean here and the sites are manicured and well taken care of. The staff is very friendly. Since this is our first time to their park, they gave me a little gift. A pocket keychain flashlight.

It was very easy to find our site. They didn’t lead us to our site so it was nice the map was easy to follow. They also gave me verbal directions to our site when I checked in. I know you can relate to this. When someone is giving you verbal directions, do you remember everything they tell you? I’m always the one that goes into the reservation office when we get to our destination park. Hubby and pups stay in the truck. I check us in. I’m the one that has to remember everything they tell me.

We are next to the internet tower and I can’t believe the broadband speeds. I see these towers throughout the park so I would imagine everyone would have these speeds. I’m using their internet to stream TV.

Our site is very large and surrounded by nice big trees. Look at how much room we have on the picnic table side of our coach.

They have a lake on the property. We are not on the lake but we do have a view of the lake.

The lake empties into a nice size stream.

WOW, they have goats on the property. Look at who came right up to the fence to greet me. I think he came to me thinking I had food. I didn’t. I saw around 15 goats. They also have horses here, but I didn’t see them. I did see the stalls.

They have some really cute cabins. One cabin’s front yard is close to the area the goats are confined in. Imagine sitting on the porch of the cabin, drinking your coffee and watching the goats each morning.

This RV park has a lot of amenities. I just read they have a pancake breakfast on Saturday mornings. Today is Saturday and I’ll have to pass. I’m not going out this early and I don’t think they deliver.

On my walk to the camp store yesterday, I ran into these two fellas. They allowed me to take a selfie with them.

They have a very nice camp store. If you read my blog on The Ridge Outdoor Resort, I compared a camp resort to a campground. This is a top-notch campground. Campgrounds usually have nice camp stores.

It’s early in our stay but I give this campground 5 stars. We are here for 3 more nights.

We are in Georgia and Georgia is known for peaches. Hubby wants to find peaches. That will be out top priority on our stay here in Perry, Georgia.

In my last post, I commented on how our travel day was good because the traffic for the most part was not heavy. Hubby challenged me on that statement. He thought the traffic was heavy. Yesterday, we drove around Atlanta. Six lanes going each way. Traffic was going 70 mph most of the time with 18 wheel trucks with their big trailers sandwiching us. Several times traffic was at a standstill where we were creeping along and as usual, some people were in a hurry weaving in and out of lanes. After yesterday’s drive, the previous day was a piece of cake.

After the white knuckle drive, we were finally off of the Interstate. Hubby did great. He didn’t have white knuckles, but he was a bit stressed. We were three minutes away from our destination RV park. Then GPS took us the wrong way. Thankfully I use an RV GPS and back it up with Waze on my phone. The GPS told us to turn right and my phone told us to turn left. Needless to say, we turned the wrong way and needed to make a U-turn. SAY WHAT? A U-turn pulling a 43.5 long 5th wheel. We turned around in a parking lot for Publix grocery store. People were watching us with a shocked look on their faces. What??? They never saw a big rig driving through a Publix parking lot before.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be kind to Every Kind. Especially Goats.


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