Travel Day & the KOA. Is it naughty or nice!

The scooters are secured in the garage. BooBoo and I lost our bedroom for a few days. This is what happens when we put the scooters in the garage. We were on the road at 10:30 am this morning. We pulled into our site at the KOA in Cartersville, Georgia at 2:15 pm. We made one stop at a roadside rest on the way. It was an easy day on the road. The sun was shining and traffic was, for the most part, light. What attracted me to the campground we are staying in is the location and good reviews. It is 3 minutes from I 75.

The only nice thing about a travel day is the destination. But tonight’s destination is for one night and we are glad of that. We can tell right away if the campground is naughty or nice. This one is on the naughty list which surprised me because all of the reviews were 4 stars or better.

I went into the reservation office and was told my reservation was outside in a metal container mounted on the outside wall of the KOA. A nice lady opened the box and handed me my reservation and said she would lead the way in a golf cart. She led us to our site and after she saw we were pulled in, she took off like a rocket. That was strange but fine, we didn’t have any questions.

We pulled into our site. Both Hubby and I got out to assess the site situation. We do this each time we pull into a new site. How level are we? Will our slideouts hit anything. Where are the electricity, water, and sewer? We decided we needed to move back a bit. Hubby got back in the truck and I told him when to stop. We unhitched and used our auto-level to level the 5th wheel.

Hubby started his job of hooking up the electricity and water. We decided since we are only staying one night, we would not hook up the sewer. I went inside to do my inside work. Once inside, I extended the slide-out in the kitchen/living area so we could get the pups out of the truck and bring them in. After the pups are inside with me, one of the first things I do is see what channels we get on the TV. I was sure we had cable when I reserved.

I scanned for channels and came up with a big “0”. After going back outside to make sure my connections were secure, I came back in and scanned again only to have “0” channels again.

Then I saw this on the reservation brochure. SAY WHAT???

Well, that put the icing on the cake. Now I am very much glad we are only staying one night. We have some channels using our antenna and we can stream using the internet. We should be good. Spoiler alert. Hubby can’t get football on his tv.

I took a quick walk around the campground checking things out. I didn’t wear a jacket and I was cold. I thought I would check out the pool area just out of curiosity. The pool was not covered for winter yet and the water was green. It looked neglected.

Something was off with this place. It is not “that” bad but I don’t have a good feeling. I feel safe. There are a lot of nice big rigs here. But there are a lot of dumpy RVs. Several right around us. I was sure the reviews for this campground were nice but something bothered me. I thought I would go look at the reviews again. Below is one of the reviews that cleared up my concerns about this campground.

I would not say this campground is horrible. Even if it was not demolished for industry, we would not stay here again. Yep, on my naughty list.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind


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