The Ridge Outdoor Resort. **REVIEW**

I give this resort five stars.

The Ridge Outdoor Resort is located in Sevierville, in the Smoky Mountains and surrounding area. Not only are The Ridge Premiere RV Sites Full Hook-Up-50/30 amp sites, but they are also spacious, level concrete pads that range from 62 feet thru 100 feet long. All RV sites feature free internet and cable. I didn’t use their WIFI because I have my own access to the internet. Our site was 70 feet long and 40 feet wide, plenty enough to park our 5th wheel, put out our deck and park our truck beside the 5th wheel. We had a brand new picnic table and a firepit. There is a small patch of grass between each site. This is a new section of their park so the trees that are planted are only around 8 feet tall.

This RV resort is large enough to host very large rallies. When we pulled in a week ago, the resort was full of RV’s that were here for a rally. I believe someone said there were 52 Renegade RVs here for a rally.

When you pull in, the lanes are long enough to accommodate the largest coaches. The reservation process was fast. They had everything ready for us. They even gave us doggie poop bags. This resort is VERY dog friendly.

The tree on our patch of grass was taller than most around us but this being November, all the leaves have fallen.

The park is pretty much empty this week, but last weekend, it was 100% full of all types of RVs. Even with RVs on both sides of us, we did not feel crowded.

I’ll bet the tree in the picture below gives off plenty of shade. This being November and chilly, we want the sunshine.

All except for one day on our stay, the sun was shining bright. This picture below gives you a look at how nice, big and level the sites are.

The Ridge has an area called “sunset circle”. From this area, the sunsets are supposed to be spectacular. Site 41 is in this circle. Friends of ours will be staying in this site soon.

You can stay in “tiny” houses. They have several of these tiny houses on the property.

I didn’t get to see the inside of these tiny houses but I imagine they are beautiful and comfortable.

They also have glamour tents. If you are into glamour camping, these tents are for you.

When we got here a little over a week ago, the pool was open and I even got to use it one day. The temps were in the 80s when we first arrived. They recently closed the pool. In one of my previous posts, I have pictures of the pool area when it was open. There is a large hot tub. The day I was there, a few families with little ones were in the pool which was fine. The little ones were also in the hot tub. I decided not to use it even after they left. My opinion is hot tubs at campgrounds and resorts should be reserved for adults only.

This resort has a lot of amenities we didn’t use. We spent our time sightseeing and enjoying rides through the mountains. On the days when we stayed in, we just wanted to relax.

The resort was a little pricey but worth it. When we first arrived in the Pigeon Forge area, we stayed in a campground. This is a resort. We will be back and my first choice would be to stay in the campground. This would be our second choice.

My opinion of the difference between the “campground” we stayed in at the beginning of our stay and a “resort” we are staying in now:

Gatlinburg East/Smoky Mountain KOA Campground:

  • Lots of tall trees and shaded areas
  • Spacious sites on gravel – no concrete pad
  • Bigger Camp Store
  • Paved Roads throughout the campground
  • Two dog limit but made an exception for our three pups
  • Smaller pool
  • More relaxing atmosphere
  • Friendly Staff
  • WIFI
  • Cable TV but was fuzzy
  • Premium sites were reasonably priced

The Ridge Outdoor Resort

  • Lots of concrete, little grass – site was completely concrete with patch of grass on each side to separate the sites
  • Concrete Roads throughout the resort
  • VERY dog friendly
  • Small Camp Store selling decorative items only
  • Packed in but did not feel crowded
  • Huge Pool and Hot Tub
  • Friendly Staff
  • WIFI
  • Cable TV
  • Premium sites were high priced

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind


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