My Sister Called it a Date!

My sister called me and when I answered my cell phone, she knew right away we were in the truck. I told her that Hubby and I were going to a place called “The Apple Barn” and we left the pups in the 5th wheel. She said: “Oh, so you two are going on a date”.

It’s not very often we leave the pups in the 5th wheel alone. I have cameras everywhere so I can see their every move. We close the blinds on each window and turn on the TV so they cannot hear outside noises.

We’ve passed this Apple Barn complex several times since we’ve been in Pigeon Forge and each time we pass, Hubby mentions that he would like to go there. The Apple Barn is a working apple orchard, cider bar & general store selling pies & souvenirs in a 1910 barn.

Yes, It did feel like Hubby and I were on a date. I think it is important to wear our masks, not out of fear. Just a precaution. These pictures of us wearing our masks is a good reminder of how we are living through a pandemic while still enjoying full-time traveling.

Ok, I will say it before my sister and nieces ask me what in the heck are those socks on my feet. The tennis shoes are ok, but those socks. There, I said it first. Even the snowman is laughing at my socks. At least I wore my jacket I bought from Rae Lux Boutique. Check out my niece’s online boutique at

Oh Santa, where is your mask? Oh my, I’m not social distancing with Santa. If you look closely, you will see this is not a real live Santa.

My sister and nieces love going to the ocean and spending their time on the beaches. I love the mountains. I thought this sign was appropriate.

I should have bought this snow globe but where would I put it? I like snow globes but living in an RV, space is limited. There is not a good place inside to display it and there really isn’t room to store it when the holidays are over.

We made a few purchases. We got some cider, apple butter and a bottle of apple salad dressing. And we could not leave there without purchasing apples. Hubby likes shopping in places like the Apple Barn General Store.

This complex is huge. I saw two restaurants, a hard cider tasting building, a winery, a candy store, a bakery and more.

We decided to have dinner in one of their two restaurants. We picked the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant. This is only the second time the Hubby and I would eat in a restaurant since COVID. We had a very good meal.

We had a nice time out without the pups. I often wonder if they can tell time. They get so excited when we return. It’s the same excitement when we return after we are outside for 15 minutes without them or when we are gone for a few hours without them. Do they know the difference between 15 minutes and two hours?

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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