Pool Day!

Two nights down, nine to go here a the Ridge. Today is Tuesday and the park is pretty much empty. From what I’ve seen in the past, the parks fill up on weekends. I’ll be curious to see if this park is busy on weekends. With rain predicted at 50% Saturday and Sunday, I don’t think the park pool will be drawing a crowd.

I spent time in the pool yesterday. The high yesterday was 85º. Perfect pool weather. This pool is huge. There were speakers that looked like rocks scattered around the outside of the pool area and music played country songs. I was so comfortable I think I even fell asleep for a short time.

This pool has water chairs with umbrellas. Every campground/resort swimming pool should have this feature. In the summer, I would imagine you would have to get to the pool area pretty early to get one of these chairs.

Since I was the only one in the pool yesterday, I didn’t have a problem. I had my choice of chairs.

We’ve been so lucky with our weather since we’ve started our new way of life. We’ve seen very few rainy days. Sure, we had some scary storms but they were few and far between.

I rode on my trusty scooter to the pool area. I got a front row parking space. Our scooters are perfect for getting around in larger RV parks. Most people have golf carts. We opted for the scooters. Their top speed is 15 mph and they run off of a battery.

Yesterday, we needed a few groceries. We found a Publix grocery store. My favorite grocery store.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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