A Short Move to Our Next Destination!

Yesterday was a travel day. Not a long travel day. We moved from an RV campground in the Smoky Mountains, Cosby, Tennessee to a RV Resort in Sevierville, Tennessee. It was a 40 minute nail biting drive. We had what I call two obstacles to get through. One was a very sharp turn with narrow lanes so we could not get a swing. We did scrape the curb a little but made it fine. If you read one of my previous posts, I was worried about a tunnel we had to go through, Yes, my palms were sweaty and my nerves were getting the best of me, even though the Hubby assured me we would be fine. As we were approaching the tunnels there was a lot of traffic. All of the cars behind us amazingly backed off. They were not going to pass us in this tunnel, We were then able to take up both lanes and ride through the middle of the tunnel which gave us the most height. We made it fine. Now I could relax.

Check in time for our resort was an surprising early check in. It was noon and we got to the resort at 11:20 am. It was so nice to get to our site early enough to get set up and still have most of the day to do things around the park. We took the pups on a scooter ride around the park.

This resort has a lot of paved roads and concrete pads. The sites are close to each other so that is a disadvantage. Many of the campers here have golf carts.

It’s a newer park so the trees haven’t grown much.

This is a very dog friendly park. Many of the campers here have dogs. Not just one or two, but four and five dogs. We saw two different families walking their dogs. Big dogs. One couple was walking five large Greyhounds. I saw another couple walking their four big dogs.

This resort has a huge reservation office with a fitness center. I’ll have to check it out better today. I think there is a camp store inside too.

This resort has it all in the way of accommodations. They have some really cool looking tiny houses you can rent and they also have luxury tents. These tents are called “Glamping Tents”. These tents are not your normal campground tents. I’ll take some pictures today and post them on my next blog post.

The resort is full of Super Class C motorhomes. They had their Renegade rally here. Yesterday was the last day of the rally so I imagine they will all be leaving today. Looking out my windows, I can see these campers starting to get ready to leave. They are putting away their camping carpets, camping chairs and grills. It will be like watching a parade of luxury RVs leaving the park. Checkout is 11 am.

It’s fun to watch people come and go. I imagine it will be pretty empty after they all leave today.

It’s supposed to be a high of 82º today so I might just have to check out the pool area. It is an amazing, huge, zero entry pool. I saw around four or five people in the pool yesterday so I assume it might be heated. There is also a hot tub. They are not done adding amenities to this park. Phase one and two are completed. Phase three amenities will include: Walking Trails, Additional Modern Bathhouse, Fishing Pond and More! 

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind

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