Backpack for Barker Benji & 5 Stars for this Campground!

It is no secret we have a barker. We even nicknamed him Bob Barker. If you are new to my blog, our little barker is Benji. Benji is the baby of the family. We rescued this sweet pup from an Amish family that had no business breeding dogs. Other than his barking and a few “Cujo” moments, Benji is near perfect. Spoken like a true pup mom. Look at that cute little face.

One of the fun things we like to do is walk the pups around the campground and look at all of the different campers. Benji’s barking makes our walks a little uncomfortable as Benji barks at everything that moves. Very annoying.

Benji will bark. Hubby will pick Benji up and carry him. Benji will stop barking. Hubby will complain and tell Benji his barking is embarrassing. This happens every 3 or 4 minutes because campgrounds are full of dogs or other people walking.

I had an idea and it was a good one. Benji stops barking when Hubby picks him up and carries him. It’s hard to carry Benji in our arms. What if, just what if we put him in a backpack and carry him using the backpack.

Amazon had a full selection of doggie backpacks. I found one where his four little paws stick out as well as his tail.

Because Benji was on my back, I could not see him, but Hubby tells me that Benji just looked around and seemed to like it.

Because of the backpack, we had a nice peaceful walk.

The other day, when we were walking, a husband and wife sitting outside of their camper saw us walking the pups. We stopped to talk to them. Benji barked. Hubby had to pick up Benji. Today when we walked by their site, they were sitting outside again. They saw us and asked: “Don’t you have three pups?” They could see Hubby walking BooBoo and Bella. They didn’t see Benji in the backpack on my back. I turned around and when they saw Benji, they cracked up. We laughed too. Everyone that saw us laughed and had nice things to say. Lots of oohing and aahing!

People will carry weights when walking to get more of a walking workout. I didn’t have to carry weights for exercise because Benji is a good 16 pounds. I’m the one that has to carry Benji in the backpack. The backpack did not fit around Hubby’s belly. I need to put Hubby on a diet.

During our walk today, Benji looked around and a few times when he heard another dog bark, I could hear a tiny whimper out of Benji, but no bark. Success!

All in all, our walk was a success. A nice, peaceful, quiet success. Now we know we can take the pups to dog friendly places and enjoy our outing with them. Benji can ride. BooBoo and Bella can walk. BooBoo and Bella both walk well on a leash.

This is a nice campground and most of the trees are in full color.

I didn’t know when I reserved this campground but they have a two pet limit. They allowed us to keep our reservation when I told them we have three pets. These people that work here are super nice. In the rules that were not posted on the KOA website, they post a 2 pet limit and charge extra for each pet, but they didn’t charge me extra. I appreciated that.

On the KOA website they are listed as Gatlinburg East/Smoky Mountain KOA. I reserved our site using the KOA reservation system.

This campground is adding more sites for big rigs and they, I believe are changing their name to Smoky Mountain Premier RV Resort.

Their website for the non-KOA website is

I don’t know if they will be discontinuing their affiliation with KOA or not. If we come back to this area, I will for sure see if we can stay here again. They would have to allow for three pets again. I give this park 5 stars.

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God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind

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