True Campers? We are Glampers!

It’s chilly out this morning. It’s 52 degrees. As I drink my tea looking out my window, I see the true campers out and about. It’s 8:30 am and they already have a fire going. They are cooking breakfast outside. They are congregating either with their immediate families or friends and families that are camping with them. Many people like the company of others. We, on the other hand, like the freedom of doing what we want at a minute’s notice without having to plan and make sure everyone is on board.

I’m a glamper. I’m drinking my tea from the warm comfortable inside of my coach. I have plenty of time to enjoy the outside so I wait for the weather to be perfect. I guess I am a spoiled glamper.

True campers take full advantage of the outside. They don’t care if they have internet or TV. Their time is limited. They are either on vacation or weekend warriors. Many are younger and have jobs. Camping gets them away from the stress of a workday.

Some of them are newbies. We were once newbies so I can tell a newbie from experience. A newbie just pulled in beside us. It is a big tri-axle Momentum. They just unhitched and will begin the process of setting up. They have a different model than we do. The storage area in the belly of their coach is a lot smaller. It is also very neatly organized.

Most of the campers in the campgrounds we’ve stayed in are fully contained. That means they have their own personal bathroom. Some campers are not fully contained. A lady dressed like an Eskimo just walked past our camper coming from the bathhouse. She was speed-walking. At 52 degrees outside, she looked cold.

We still have 13 nights in Tennessee so today might be another stay-in day. Hubby is still in bed so I have not discussed our agenda with him yet.

I’m going to finish my tea, wait for my Hubby to wake up and just enjoy my morning inside of my nice and warm camper.

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