Foothills Parkway, Goodies and the Old Mill District.

Yesterday was a “stay in” day. Stay in days are relaxing. We took the pups for a walk around the campground. We took the pups for a scooter ride around the park. We didn’t realize how small this campground is until we rode the scooters up and down the campground roads. I cooked Hubby a nice dinner and then settled in to relax.

Today was different. It would not be a “stay in” day. We had things to do. The pups needed food. We were not completely out of their food but we were almost out of their favorite food. We needed to make a Walmart run.

Since we were going to be out, we figured we would drive another parkway through the mountains. Several times during the past few days, when we were driving near our campground, we saw a sign for the Foothills Parkway. We thought it would be a nice road to check out.

It’s not often I can get a picture of the sign when entering a parkway, let alone get a picture of me in front of the sign. There are usually a bunch of people at the National Forest’s signs taking their own selfie pictures. This Parkway was rather unoccupied so I had the sign all to myself.

Since I made Hubby get out of the truck to take my picture, this was a perfect opportunity to get a selfie of both of us and the sign.

There were several places to pull over and take pictures of the mountains. I just love the mountains. My sister and nieces are beach people. Me, I love the mountains.

The trees were colorful on this parkway. The Foothills Parkway is six miles long and runs right into Interstate 40. One minute we were on a winding two-lane parkway road and the next, we were on a four-lane busy interstate. There were no options, The parkway led right straight into the interstate.

We pass this restaurant and Hubby wants to stop. This is more than just a restaurant. It, in my opinion, is a junk yard. We get out and start to walk around. A lady runs after us to let us know that out of the several buildings on the property, the restaurant is the only section that is open. She was very nice. I saw a sign saying “bakery” so I asked her if the bakery was in the restaurant. She said yes, the bakery was inside and the only thing they sold were smoked pies. That got my interest. We bought two pieces of smoked pie at $3.50 each. Strange!

We took another ride into Gatlinburg, taking the same route that we took the other day when we were checking out the roads to our next campground. We want to take another look at the tunnel. The dreaded tunnel that does not have a height limit posted anywhere. Hubby again assures me we will be fine. I’m closing my eyes when the Hubby drives our Big Big 5th wheel through this stupid tunnel. At least both lanes are going the same way and Hubby said he will take up the middle and put our 4-way flashers on.

We would head to Pigeon Forge and make a quick stop at the Fudge store in the Old Mill District. We’ve been here plenty of times so I waited in the truck with the pups while Hubby went into the fudge store to buy fudge. He also came out with some chocolate covered cherries. Oh dear!

I probably have tons of pictures of this area from previous trips to the Old Mill District in my archives. We’ve been here on our motorcycle many times. We didn’t have the pups back then and there wasn’t a pandemic so we could get off of the motorcycle, walk the streets, and go into all of the cute little shops.

The pictures I took today would have to be taken from the window of the truck as we were driving by.

We went to the Walmart in Sevierville. It was a huge Walmart and packed. I actually got anxiety walking the aisles. I didn’t like all of the people and I didn’t know where anything was located in the store.

The clock in our bedroom stopped working yesterday. I wanted to find a replacement clock. I found a Walmart worker and she thought the clocks were in Hardware. I didn’t see them. I will wait and buy one on Amazon. In December, we will be stationary for a few months in Florida. I will be able to accept packages at this campground.

Fall TV is here, finally. I was worried about fall TV with the pandemic. I watch TV. I get relaxation from watching TV. After a long day, nothing is more relaxing than to get comfortable and turn on my favorite shows. My days begins at 7 am Mondays through Fridays. At 7 am sharp, my sister calls me and I talk to her as she drives to work. I look forward to the alone time with her even though it is just on the phone. It takes her 8 to 9 minutes to ge to work. Hubby sleeps until 10 am. I get a few hours of alone time.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.


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