Propane, Pie, Puzzle and a Beautiful Sunset

Our day started out yesterday needing propane. We had one completely empty tank and one almost empty tank. We packed up the pups and headed out to search for propane. Nights have been going down to the high 20s and low 30s which is cold. Our fireplace and Dyson heater would do the trick heating the coach but we wanted to keep the underbelly warm as well, so we needed the furnace and the furnace runs off of propane. It was a half-hour drive, but we found propane. We filled both tanks for a low $27.54.

The next campground we are staying at is a half-hour away. We thought it might be a good idea to drive the route without the 5th wheel. The roads are winding, narrow and hilly here. We have an RV GPS that has our rig height and length programmed in. On the route, we find there is a tunnel. We will fit but it will be scary. I hate tunnels. When we got to the campground, Hubby said, “Holy Cow, this is a resort”. We check in on the 8th. I’m excited to be staying here. It is a resort, not just a campground. Will I like a resort or will I like campgrounds?

Close to our campground is a restaurant that sells pies. I guess we know when it closes. We never get an early start so I guess it does not matter when it opens. There are signs for “apple pie”.

Hubby whipped the truck into the driveway of this restaurant. He wants pie.

The debacle about our missing United States Parcel Post package:

When we were in North Carolina, staying at Jennifer’s, I was expecting a package from my sister. The post office in our hometown assured my sister that the package would arrive in a timely manner. It contained a bunch of miscellaneous items, some very important. The package got stuck in a facility a short distance from Jennifer’s. Tracking completely stopped. We were leaving Jennifer’s in a few days and I had no idea where my package was. I bought premium tracking. What the heck, the premium tracking gave me the same information as the regular no fee tracking. Frustrated, I completed a form on the USPS site, entering my tracking number and asking where my package was. One the same day I got an apology letter from the post office administration department the package arrived at Jennifer’s. I was not there. We were now in Tennessee. Jennifer needed to now send me my package to our campground in Tennessee and I told her PLEASE do not use the post office.

Well, all of that information in the above paragraph is leading to what one item was in my package. I have a floor lamp in the garage area of the coach. It has a glass lampshade and the glass is cracked. I need to find a non-glass lampshade for a floor lamp.

Well, after searching online, I found one at Amazon. I had to send it to my sister’s because at the time I purchased it, I would not have an address for package delivery.

Looks cute, doesn’t it? It’s plastic so it won’t crack. It will fit the connection to the pole lamp.

So look what shows up:

It’s a puzzle. I need to put it together. I guess I didn’t look at all of the pictures and I certainly didn’t read the description when making my purchase. What did I expect for $13.99. What am I going to do with this. The instructions are horrible. Who needs instructions anyway.

I get comfortable because this is going to take a while. I begin the task of putting this lampshade together. There are 50 pieces to this puzzle. I had to snap each one of these leaves into the holes on this plastic shade frame. I would pop one leaf tab in and another would pop out. So frustrating, but if you know me, once I start something, dagnabbit, I’m going to finish it.

Hubby went to bed and I will still at it. I finally finished it and screwed it onto the lamp. Hum, not bad!

I worried that when I woke up, all of the pieces would be on the floor but I woke and the lampshade was still together and I’m pleased with my work.

Yesterday ended with a beautiful sunset. I love sunsets in campgrounds. This is just one of the many things that makes camping enjoyable.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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