Brrrr, it’s cold

Looking out my window this morning, with the outside temperature being 28 degrees, everyone is staying inside snuggled up under their warm blankets. That is where I am anyway. BooBoo is snuggled next to me. It’s pretty warm in the camper so we are very comfortable. I see a few small campers with frost on their windows. I wonder if the people inside of those small campers are cold. Are they comfortable?

The struggle is real. Even when BooBoo is sleeping, he can stop me from writing my blog. BooBoo does not like the laptop. Each time I open the lid, BooBoo jumps up on my lap or squeezes between me and the laptop. He is sound asleep and knows where to put his fluffy tail.

Today we go sightseeing.

We loaded up the pups and headed out. Neither of us did any research on where to go. We were not prepared. As we pulled out of the campground, I told hubby to turn left. We would just drive. Since we didn’t have a plan, what difference did it make?

We passed a farm market, turned around and went back. Since we didn’t know where we were going, we didn’t know if we would be back this same way. Hubby went in and came out with apples and apple cider.

It just so happened that we made the right left hand turn going out of the campground because the road we are on led us right to Gatlinburg.

Did someone say Pandemic? You would never know driving through the tourist section of Gatlinburg. Wall to wall people. Wall to wall traffic. It didn’t matter to us. We were not getting out. We were just driving through.

We would take the drive to Cherokee. The Gatlinburg to Cherokee ride passes through Great Smoky Mountains National Park. For both hubby and I, this is by far the best mountain road we’ve traveled on. We’ve traveled this stretch on our GoldWing numerous times in the past. This time we were in a truck and I am so glad because it was cold. It is November, after all.

There were several tunnels on this parkway. Narrow tunnels. Because of the dual wheels our Big Boy Truck has a fat ass end. Excuse the language. It was a tight squeeze when other vehicles were coming through the tunnel towards us.

There were many pull-over spots on the parkway. We stopped at several but this one was totally awesome.

We stopped at the Mingus Mill. Hubby waited in the truck with the pups while I strolled along the path to get some pictures. Brrr, it was a cold walk.

The Mingus Mill was built in 1886. This historic grist mill uses a water-powered turbine instead of a water wheel to power all of the machinery in the building. It’s located at its original site.

Finally, we get to see Elk and there were a lot of them.

Part of what makes this road enjoyable are the many rocky streams.

I have no clue what Bella was doing in her seat, but static electricity got ahold of her ear fur. Hubby and I cracked up. We nicknamed her Phyllis Diller. The pups are such great riders.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.

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