Sunday, Football Funday

Do you know what I like to do in the mornings? I wake up early. Most of the campers are still asleep. The campground is very quiet. I have a window right next to my bed in the garage. I get my cup of tea, prop up my pillow and put up the window shade. I watch out the window as the campground comes alive with activity. Most campers have pets. Campers with dogs leash up their pups and head out for their morning “do your duty” walk. Some of the campers make breakfast outside using their Blackstone grill or coleman stove. The smell of breakfast fills the campground.

The camper next to us is leaving. It’s fun watching people getting ready to leave. I’m sure people watch us. Some people even get out their lawn chairs and pop popcorn waiting for a mistake to be made.

Sunday’s are famous for people leaving the park. Weekend warriors usually come in on Fridays and leave on Sunday.

We are staying in today. Hubby will watch some football and Nascar. We have all week to do sightseeing. I will start to research campgrounds for our trip out west summer of 2021. I saw on the news that campground reservations are up 500% for summer of 2021 due to COVID 19. People still want to go on vacation and what is better than having your own camper, sleeping in your own bed, cooking in your own kitchen and using your own bathroom. Talk about social distancing at it’s best.

Camping sales are booming across the United States. I may have to reserve campgrounds now for summer months. If that is the case, I will need to look closely at the campground’s cancelation policy. I enjoy researching campgrounds. It’s turned into a game for me to find the perfect campground.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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