It’s Cold, A Blue Moon on Halloween. A New Campground. Molly Got Engaged.

It’s been a year since it’s been this cold. It was 30 degrees this morning at our campground in Wytheville VA.

Dang, it was 30 degrees up in Pennsylvania too, our home base. I have the weather temperatures on my cell phone for places I’ve been to and places we will go to in the future. It’s cold in a lot of places this morning. We need to head south.

Today was a travel day. As usual, the pups wait patiently while I secure everything on the inside. Today was a three hour driving time day. We got to our destination campground around 2 pm.

We drove Interstate 81 south until it turned into Interstate 40. Traffic was light and the roads were actually okay.

I was able to get a picture of this very big cross.

Our campground destination is another KOA. I like KOA campgrounds. They are a little pricey but I’ve had good luck with KOA’s.

I picked another winner. This campground has 74 sites. Our site is 62 feet long so our Big Boy Truck will have to be parked along side of the 5th wheel instead of in front where we usually park it. Our site is level with full hookups. We have trees on both sides of us but most of the leaves have already fallen.

I wanted to take a walk around the campground this evening but decided not to. Too many young trick or treaters running around and we didn’t think to buy candy. I will hibernate inside. I don’t like people in costumes so Halloween was never one of my favorite holidays. My walk will have to wait until tomorrow. There is a 50% chance of rain tomorrow. That’s okay. We like a rest day after a travel day.

The scooters are out of the garage and the garage is converted into mine and BooBoo’s bedroom. BooBoo quickly claimed our bed. He will be here until tomorrow morning.

Booboo made himself right at home on my pillow. When it’s time for me to go to sleep, he will need to find his own pillow.

Benji put himself in chair jail earlier today. Don’t worry, he got in there and he got out when he was ready.

There are times when living this life of travel, you miss important events at home. My niece, the baby of the family got engaged today. Instead of being there, I had to wait for the pictures.

It was a surprise so I would not have been there when Vinny got down on one knee and proposed anyway. The girls were doing a photoshoot for their new inventory for their online Boutique, Rae Lux. My nieces and the photographers were the only ones there. Vinny would sneak up behind Molly and surprise her. The ring is beautiful.

I did miss the party afterwards at the country club. I called Molly later in the day to congratulated her.

Vinny couldn’t ask for a better day for a proposal It rained back home every day until today and there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. The sun would shine today on this lovely day. There is a beautiful park in the Sharon/Hermitage area called Buhl Park. Buhl park was a beautiful setting for Vinny to propose. Molly didn’t know Vinny was behind her until she was told to turn around.

Congratulations Vin and Molly.

Tonight we turn the clocks back. With babies and puppies, the next few days can be stressful until they get used to the time change. It will get dark earlier in the evenings now.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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