It’s Raining, and I don’t care!

We are back at the Wytheville KOA. One thing I found out after being on the road is we, more than not, have to have reservations during holidays. Believe it or not, Halloween is a big holiday in the campground world. This year, Halloween falls on a weekend. So we had a double whammy.

The drive from Jennifer’s to our next destination in the Pigeon Forge area is over a five-hour drive and if I can help it, I want to keep our drive times under three hours. I needed to find a campground halfway between Jennifer’s house and Pigeon Forge. All of the nice campgrounds were booked, except for Wytheville KOA, and guess what? I got the last available site. Yes, they had just one site left for a big rig on Halloween weekend.

Hubby and I had a discussion about staying here. Yes, it is true we had to drive north and will have to then drive south to get to Pigeon Forge. Driving back into Virginia is about an hour longer. But that was not the reason I picked this route. RVTripWizard showed this as the only route that did not have a low bridge underpass. So there you have it. Hubby asked me why we are driving north, only to drive southwest? I said, “Trust Me!”

Anyway, after all of this discussion with the Hubby, we had no choice. We liked this park. Being Halloween this weekend and low underpasses that we could not fit under made up my mind. It is what it is.

The Wytheville KOA has a section for big rigs. Today, there are a lot of Class A motorhomes in our section. A Class A motorhome pulling a trailer just pulled in beside us. They also have a vehicle that it appears to me the wife must drive since the trailer is connected to the motorhome. Both the vehicle and the trailer are filled with tubs. Either they work auctions or they could not give up their possessions so instead of getting a storage unit, they have everything with them.

I have not mentioned that one of our scooters had a loud squeal back in March. Because we move so much, it took until now to get the scooter fixed. We worked with a company called Wheelchair and Scooter Repair. Another reason it took so long to get it fixed is the manufacturer of these scooters kept sending bad parts and/or the wrong parts. Finally, this past Monday, the repairman for North Carolina came with the correct motor and it is now fixed. One small issue – the speedometer does not work now. But since these scooters only go 15 miles per hour, who needs a speedometer. I’m not going to sweat the small stuff. It’s been broken since March. It’s fixed now. I’m happy. We will be using the scooters in all of the next campgrounds for sure.

It’s raining today. It started around 3 pm today. Tomorrow, 100% chance of rain. It will rain all day. Hurricane Zeta will probably be hitting New Orleans right now. This is a fast-moving hurricane and we should see the effects of Zeta all the way up here in Virginia tomorrow. Predicted heavy rain and winds tomorrow. The rain does not bother me. I don’t like the winds. But a rainy day every once in a while is okay. A weather alert just came on the TV for a Tropical Storm Warning. I bought a scrabble game. Tomorrow just might be a good day to get out the game.

I voted absentee ballot. I’m not saying who I voted for because I never want my blog to be political. I can’t wait until election day is over because I am tired of the TV ads, the emails, the snail mail and all of the Facebook ads. Because we move around so much, I get to see who is running for office in every state we visit. A political commercial the other day had the opponents in the same commercial being nice to each other. I was pleasantly surprised.

I am very much looking forward to be heading to the Smoky Mountains on Saturday. Hubby said he is excited but not as much as I am. We both like that area. I bought two backpack dog carriers. One for Benji and one for Bella. They are not good walkers. BooBoo is a good walker and will walk on a leash. The campground we are staying at next week, near Gatlinburg, is practically in the Smoky Mountains and we are going to hike some trails with the pups.

Being November, it might be chilly. The pups have sweaters and coats.

There is a website called “Bring Fido”. This website shows dog-friendly restaurants, attractions, hotels and more. The Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area has a lot of pet-friendly things to do. We will be busy.

I’ve been up since 4 am this morning. I could not fall back to sleep. It’s been a long day. Didn’t do much. Went to the grocery store. Cooked supper for Hubby. Hum, that’s about it.

My sister sent me a package that was supposed to arrive at Jennifer’s this past Saturday. This package has some very important stuff in it. Tracking says it is on it’s way.

Today is October 28th and tracking last’s update is October 26th.

I hope it does not get lost. I need this package. Since it did not arrive at Jennifer’s in a timely manner as it was supposed to, now when it does arrive, Jennifer will need to mail it to me at our next destination and I will have to worry about it all over again.

And we are supposed to have faith in mail-in ballots.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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