Sightseeing in Wytheville, VA

I didn’t sleep good last night. Back in the day when I worked, I slept like a rock every night. There were nights where my head hit the pillow and two seconds later, according to my hubby, I was snoring. WHAT??? I don’t snore. I had busy stressful days at work which left me exhausted and ready for bed early. Hubby always had trouble sleeping all night. Hubby was retired and his days were leisurely. I told Hubby he could not sleep all night because his day was not busy and he was not tired enough. Now, the same is happening to me.

The KOA we are staying at was 100% full last night. This morning, one by one, the big rigs were leaving. It was a parade of Motorhomes, 5th wheels and Travel Trailers. Since this park is less than a mile from a major interstate, I think most of these Big Rigs use this park as a one night stop over.

Our site is flat with full hookups. We have a cement pad and picnic table. There is an advantage to parking in an area that does not have trees. In the fall, the leaves are falling from the trees. We won’t have to worry about leaves sitting on our slide-out toppers when we pull in our slides.

I made brownies this morning. I switched the recipe a little to make them Vegan and I baked them in my Ninja Foodie Grill. I use this appliance for everything. It grills, bakes, air fries, roasts, and even dehydrates.

We’ve traveled through many states since we’ve started our full-time travel life and we commented today how we had not seen as much as a deer in all of our travels. We’ve been in Maine and other New England States. In the past several days, we’ve been on Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The only animal I got to see in all of our travels was a bear at our campground. I even took a selfie with it. Oh well!

We drove another section of the Blue Ridge Parkway today. The leaves were turning and there were several areas that were very colorful.

We stopped at the Little Glade Mill Pond to take a much needed break.

This would be a perfect place to give the pups a potty break. Lots of green grass.

Hubby took each one of them out for a potty break while I took pictures. Benji and BooBoo waited patiently in the truck for their turn.

The ride back to our campground would take over an hour on winding roads that would be perfect for motorcycle riders. We had to be in Christmas Tree country. Acre after acre for miles and miles, all we saw were Christmas trees.

Back in Wytheville, we saw signs for a Farm Market. Hubby loves to stop at Farm Markets. We pulled in the parking lot, only to find at this time of year, they are only open on Saturdays.

Back at the campground, just like the campers were parading out this morning, they paraded in this afternoon. There were Minnie Winnies, Jayco, Pinnacle, Sundance, Cougar, Flagstaff, Eclipse, Grayhawk just to name a few.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind

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