Why I Write My Blog & Skyline Drive

My main objective in writing this blog is for my memory of all of the exciting things we are doing and the RV Campgrounds and Resorts we have stayed at. It’s my diary or journal. In the past 25 years, Hubby and I have traveled the US and to be honest, Hubby will ask if I remember something we did in our past travels and I have to admit, there are many times when I do not remember.

I also write my blog because I want family, friends and everyone that reads my blog to be entertained. I love it when I get new readers.

I ordered a vinyl sign from http://www.signs.com. It is a very nice vinyl sign and it was very reasonably priced. With shipping and tax, the cost of this sign was just under $30. I hang it on the side of our 5th wheel for all to see.

I also have business cards that I hand out when we meet new people.

This is my favorite. We put this sign out in front or back of our 5th wheel when we get to a camp where we stay for longer than a day.

We had another adventure day. As we were leaving the campground for the day, I saw the lake that is on the property. Mike, the manager told me that I can get some really good pictures of the sunset from this lake area.

This RV resort is easy to find because they have signage everywhere. Some campgrounds are very hard to find because their sign is so small. Not here. If you miss this campground, you better get glasses.

It’s time to fill up with fuel. The prices for diesel is pretty good here in the south. I thought it was strange that diesel is cheaper than regular.

We are back on Skyline Drive for the day. If you don’t have the America the Beautiful pass and you pay for entrance to the park, I believe that the park pass they give you is good for 7 days. We have the Senior Lifetime America the Beautiful pass, so we get into every Federal park for free.

We drove the whole Skyline Drive in two days. Although it is only 105.5 miles in length, with the speed limit being 35 mph, it takes a while to drive it from beginning to end. Then when you stop to take pictures, it takes even longer.

Hubby and the pups usually sit in the Big Boy Truck while I get out and take pictures. Hubby can see the beautiful landscape from the truck. I get out to take the perfect picture. Hubby put the window down so BooBoo can stick his head out of the window.

This will be the last time on this trip for Skyline Drive. I enjoyed the two days we spent on Skyline Drive

We are all so comfortable in the Big Boy Truck while sightseeing. Even though this truck was not our truck of choice, we have grown to love this truck. We have so much room and all of the comforts a truck can offer. Heated and cool seats come in handy. I’m always cold, so I have my heated seat on while Hubby is hot, so he puts on his cool seat. The Furbabies are very comfortable in the back seat.

Way before we started our new life of full time traveling, I was going to have a YouTube channel. Well, I have the channel and I have hours and hours of video saved on an external hard drive. I have video editing programs on two computers. I have several action cameras. I have everything I need except for my ambition. One of these days I will start working on my YouTube channel, but for right now, my blog will have to do.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind

4 thoughts on “Why I Write My Blog & Skyline Drive

  1. Linda Cochran

    Have all the journals that I kept when Jack and I traveled all over USA and yes I’ve referred to them quite often when looking or remembering a certain trip. Priceless now!
    Safe travels.

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    1. Roy and I have so many memories of rides Jack led. We are always talking about stuff that happened on rides. So many memories. Remember when we went to the bike show in Cleveland and you were halfway in the car and Jack took off. Remember Sandy and her husband, I can’t remember his name. They were never ready when we were taking off. Sandy got off the bike as we were pulling out and we didn’t see her. They thought we left them. I have so many funny memories and good memories too. But there is so much I forgot too.


  2. I write my blog for pretty much the same reasons. But it’s such a great feeling when lots of people read a post. I like your methods of promoting your site. I had thought of business cards, but I wondered if it was a bit much. Now, I’m going to do it! Has putting your phone number on your card ever been an issue? I don’t usually give that out. We also have a camping sign, and I will modify that to include my blog name. Thanks for the ideas. For some reason, I do not have any ambition to have a youtube channel. I have a passion for writing, but not for making movies. Good luck if you ever decide to do it. Thanks for a great post, and enjoy your day!

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    1. The number on my business card is a google number. It is not our cell phones. It’s free and it works great for signing up for stuff online where you need to enter a phone number. It rings on my cell phone and people can leave a message.

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