Skyline Drive and Halloween Decorations at the Campground.

We took a drive on Skyline Drive. The pups are such good riders. I often wonder what goes through their little heads when we secure them in their beds in the back seat of the Big Boy Truck.

We entered Skyline Drive at the Thorton Gap Entrance, about 32 miles from the entrance of Skyline Drive. We would head north on Skyline Drive towards the main entrance in Front Royal Virginia. The total length of Skyline Drive is 105.5 miles of beautiful scenery. A lot of people love beaches and the ocean. I love the mountains.

Again we used our America the Beautiful Pass. The cost for Senior Citizens for this pass is currently $80 but we got ours a few years ago when the price was $20 and if you visit Federal Parks, you will have this pass paid for in park entrances fees after just a few visits.

We’ve been on Skyline Drive several times in the past and I enjoyed this drive just as much as I have on each drive in the past. The Hubby and I have traveled so much in the past that we’ve seen and done more than the average person. We’ve been together 25 years and married for 21 and we’ve been to every state except for California, Washington, and Oregon. While driving Skyline Drive, Hubby and I reminisce about our previous visits. Every few miles at an overlook or place to stop, we would say “remember when we stopped here” or “remember when we did this”. As I was taking pictures, I was thinking about all of the pictures I have saved on external hard drives of the exact same places I was taking pictures of on our past visits. We have great memories and now we are making memories of our new life on the road.

As our day ends and we make our way back to camp, we are ready to relax. We have to put in a code for the gate to go up and let us through. This by far is the nicest RV resort/campground we’ve stayed at and we are already talking about how nice it would be to stay here for a month the next time we are in this area.

Before settling in for the evening, I took a stroll through the campground. I really need to get back to walking every day. Our site is at the very beginning of a steep hill and I didn’t know if my legs were going to hold out by the time I got to the top of the hill. But I kept trudging on. I walked several loops of the campground before returning to our coach.

Neighboring campers are already decorating for Halloween.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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