Heading Out. First Stop Shawnee State Park Campground

My sister made breakfast this morning and everyone came for breakfast and to say goodbye. Vegan pancakes and guacamole toast. Before and after breakfast I was hard at work getting the inside of the 5th wheel secured for our travel day. Hubby was outside doing outside work. We were parked under trees and the leaves were falling. We recently had a windy day so there were probably sticks from the trees on the roof and slide-out toppers. Before we could pull in the slides, Hubby needed to climb the ladder with the leaf blower and blow the leaves off of the toppers and roof of the 5th wheel. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. I offered.

All hitched up and ready to go. We were at such a strange angle in the driveway that we needed several back-ups of the truck to get the hitch in line with the 5th wheel. Normally, this process only takes a few minutes but this morning, it was a bit of a hassle. Finally, we were hitched, checked the lights, walked around the 5th wheel to make sure all was good to go. We pulled out of the drive.

Today, we would take the long way and stay off the interstate or turnpike. It would be a three and a half hour drive. We would be staying in a state park tonight. This is the first state park we’ve stayed in since we started traveling. We are usually too large to fit in sites at state parks.

When we got to the park, I usually go in and register. I went up to the park office, thinking that is where I would register and the doors were locked. Ok, we will drive further down the road and see if we can find the registration office.

Driving a little further, we found a sign. A short distance further, we see what looks like a registration shack. Again, I get out and the shack is empty. There is a sign on the door stating if we have a reservation, we can just go to our site and that is what we did. We had reservations. Now we needed to find our site.

The fall leaves are turning. We saw some really pretty areas where a mountainside of trees have turned.

I picked another winner with this state park. A pull-thru with full hookups for $43.00. We did get the senior citizen’s discount. Shawnee State Park Campground in Schellsburg, PA is a really nice park. It is one of those parks where you would like to stay longer, but we are only staying here for one night. We would head out tomorrow morning.

The sites are large and long. Very may trees but I’m glad the trees are not right next to us because I would not want to have Hubby climb on the roof again to blow the leaves from the slide-out toppers.

This morning, Hubby said to me “Well Gypsy, are you ready to travel again?”

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

One thought on “Heading Out. First Stop Shawnee State Park Campground

  1. Joellen Golden

    We love Shawnee state park! We lived in Bedford and went there all the time for swimming, fishing, boating, programs, and hiking around the lake.

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