Nothing is the Same and Annual Day Outing in Volant

My mother passed away seven years ago. If she came back to earth for one day, she could not find us and if she did find us, she would not recognize us with our masks on.

Nothing is the same today as it was seven years ago. The Hubby and I sold our home and now we travel full time in an RV with our three little furbabies. My sister sold her home to downsize and she lives in a totally different city. My three nieces all have their own homes in Ohio. We all grew up in PA, but Ohio is 15 minutes away so they are only a hop, skip and jump away.

A lot can happen in 7 years, but the best is I now have two great nephews born a month apart, Max and Geno.

Currently, we are at our homebase in PA right now. Our 5th wheel is parked on property that my sister and I own located directly across the street from my sister. I’m laying in my bed looking out the window. I have a clear view of my sister’s house across the street and my homebase just feet away.

Our month here in PA went by fast. Tomorrow we leave this area. But today, we celebrate. The seven of us spent the day together.

We started out at the shops in Volant. It was a little chilly today. We had a great time shopping and walking the streets in Volant with the babies in their strollers.

Last year, we did the same Volant outing minus babies. We should make The Shops in Volant an annual outing.

We ended our outing eating at “third eye pies” and “independent taco”.

We got pizza and tacos. The food was delicious.

We will be back to our homebase in the spring. The babies might be walking by then. I will miss my family on one hand, but look forward to my travels on the other hand. It is getting cold in PA. Time to head south.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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