Sick Pups. Baby Gate for Furbabies, Bella Got Out!

Two of my biggest fears with my pups is that (1) they will get lose and run off or (2) they will get sick. Four times since we got Bella, the escape artist, she got away from us. A few days ago, all three pups got sick.

It started with diarrhea. All three pups got diarrhea. Benji’s only lasted one day. Bella’s lasted two days. Poor BooBoo is still sick. BooBoo not only had diarrhea but was also throwing up.

I’m personal friends with the Vet Tech at our Veterinary Clinic. She told me what to do to help BooBoo and it appears to be working. So far this morning, BooBoo is keeping down a bit of rice and chicken and he is drinking water. BooBoo sleeps with me every night on our bed in the garage area so I was able to keep a close eye on him. BooBoo was up four times last night. Hopefully, he is on the mend.

The other day our escape artist, Bella, got out of the 5th wheel. Hubby and I had to go to our storage unit which is a short 15 minutes drive from here,. We left the pups behind safe and secure in the 5th wheel. We don’t leave them for long periods of time but you would think we left them for months by the way they act when we return. They go crazy. BooBoo cries and wants to be held, Benji runs throughout the 5th wheel barking like a crazy dog and Bella, sweet Bella, tail wagging waits patiently for us to come into the 5th wheel.

When we returned from our short trip to the storage unit, all three were at the door waiting for me to open it. Hubby was still at the truck. I opened the door and they were all pushing each other for a front row greeting. I don’t know if Bella jumped or if she got pushed out buy her brothers, but before I knew it, she was on the ground and on the run. Thank goodness, she ran right to Hubby and he picked her up.

I have cameras everywhere inside and out so I can watch the pups when we do leave them alone in the 5th wheel. I can see my pups, I can hear my pups and I can talk to them through my camera system.

I bought a gate on Amazon and it arrived. I had to do something to keep them away from the 5th wheel door when we open it.

We can now come into the 5th wheel and close the rig door behind us before we open the gate to enter the garage area. This will help keep my furbabies inside. No more accidental jumping out or getting pushed out.

Five more days until we take off and continue our adventure.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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