Success. Shed is Finished With No Left Over Parts. We Did It, Finally!

We finished the shed. I have to admit, although it took several days, we finished it and it looks great. The doors shut which is amazing for these put together Resin Sheds. The roof fit perfectly too.

We did an excellent job.

I love power tools. My favorite shed building tools were the drill in my hand used to screw in the hundreds of screws, the pry bar and a big hammer.

The Hubby and I make a great team. I can visualize what something should look like. Hubby just does not seem to have that capability. I tell him what to do and if he questions me, I just tell him to just do as I say. After some debate, he does what I say and much to his surprise, it works.

I did have to refer to the instructions but most of it was common sense.

The shed has windows and shutters.

We already started to put some stuff in the shed. This is going to work perfectly. We still need to buy shelves. Normally, these types of sheds come with shelves. This one did not.

Before we began this project, I gave the Hubby an option. I told him we could buy a shed built by the Amish, already put together or we can buy one we need to put together. The Amish built one would be much more expensive. Hubby likes to complain a lot. Each time he complained, I told him that I offered to buy one already put together. It would have been a wooden or steel shed. He wanted to save money. So we got a put together one and Hubby complained.

The pups got some outdoor time again today. They like rolling in the grass. Our neighbor has a cat names Pal. Pal is on the porch and BooBoo wants to play with Pal. (first picture) Pal wants no part of it.

Moochdocking across the street from my sister has many benefits for my sister. I help them with their dog while they work or play. My sister and Larry went to their camp in the hills of central PA today. They didn’t take Coal with them this time. I’m spending some quality time with Coal. My three pups together do not weigh what Coal weighs.

Moochdocking across the street from my sister has many benefits for me. We do not have sewer access so I am washing clothes at my sisters along with my showers and I have full access to her fridge. This works great for both of us.

Speaking of things in her freezer, these are delicious and they are vegan.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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