No More Paying for Storage. We Bought a Shed!

We rented a storage unit over a year ago when we sold the house. There were some things that Hubby just could not give up. We also had to put some items from the 5th wheel in storage.

We were paying $50 a month for storage for items that were not worth the $600 we paid for a year’s rent. I got this bright idea to buy an 8×10 Resin Storage Shed. Hubby was all for it. We would have our own shed and would not need to rent one anymore. We will put it in our yard in Hermitage. First thing Hubby needed to do was build a wooden floor for the shed.

When we picked up the shed at Home Depot in Erie, the young kid that loaded the boxes onto our trailer said he could put this shed together in an hour. Dang, it took us an hour to put up the first two wall sections.

The instructions for the walls didn’t make sense. This is when I decided to throw the instructions in the garbage because the instructions were garbage. I could figure this out using common sense and my brain. It took awhile but I did figure it out and soon, the walls were installed.

I didn’t throw the instructions away but I stopped following them when putting up the walls. I would, however, need them after the walls were installed.

BooBoo helped with the laundry and with reading the instructions. We needed to be ready for the next day.

Not only did we not build the shed in an hour, we did not build the shed in a day. We are working on our second day building the shed and it is still not done. Fingers crossed it will get done tomorrow.

Bella was watching the Hubby work on the shed. Or was she watching the squirrels. We will never know.

Day two and the roof is all together on the work horses and almost ready to put it in place on the walls. Instructions state this part of the installation needs two people. I guess that is Hubby and I.

In the city, we can’t burn cardboard and boy do we have a lot of it. The shed pieces came in 4 very large boxes.

There are three different garbage containers for each residence at our home base. One for garbage, one for cardboard and one for lawn care crap such as sticks that fall from the trees, grass clippings or leaves. The cardboard is all cut up and in the garbage bin.

I thought this post needed some cuteness so here are pictures of BooBoo and Benji and Bella.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind


One thought on “No More Paying for Storage. We Bought a Shed!

  1. I’m so happy for your new shed. I’m getting ready to say farewell to my RV life just for a bit. I’ve payed for storage for so long and look forward to letting that “cost” quickly disappear! Your 3 “B” cuties made this post even more precious! God bless you! Prayers as you complete it! 💚

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