Baby Shower Success

Everything was perfect. My day started at 6:30 am with sister and I driving to meet the “bread lady”. We bought 20 loaves of bread from the “bread lady”. My sister is one of her best customers. She makes a very tasty vegan bread.

Back at sister’s house after picking up the bread, we started to put the sandwiches together. Again, sister gave me a very BIG, very Sharp knife and warned me we didn’t have time for sutures. I cut each bun while she filled the buns with the vegan egg salad and chicken salad we made the day before. The vegan meatballs were put in sauce and put in the oven to bake. The car was loaded and we were off to the Winery.

I wore my Rae Lux top. Dressy but casual. Check out their selection of tops at

Not wanting to be late, we got to the Winery early. We were 45 minutes early. Grass don’t grow under our feet. While waiting for the owners of the Winery to arrive and let us in, we wrapped the plastic spoons and forks in napkins and tied gold ribbons around the napkins. Three of us had an assembly line using the back of sister’s SUV. Thanks Jody for helping.

This winery is a very nice facility for any type of event. So much room inside and a patio and lakeside area outside. The winery was closed to the public until 4 p.m.

The food was a hit. We worried, would we have enough? Would we have too much? Would our guests like vegan food? We had just enough and our guests loved the food. We had many compliments and some guests even asked for our recipes. If you want my sister’s recipes, check out her blog at

The cookies and muffins were delicious.

Each table had a tray of humus and veggies. A loaf of the bread we bought from the bread lady was on each table as well.

We offered several different wines on a self-serve table.

All of the tables were set and all we had to do was wait for our guests.

When our guests arrived, Todd the piano player played the piano and even sang to several of the songs he selected.

We always use special events where we all look nice to capture a family picture. The babies were not at the shower yet, so we had to take a family picture minus babies. The babies were coming later.

Did I shrink? I swear, each year and each picture, I get shorter. Maybe the girls high heels get higher. Maybe a little of each.

Babies Galore! The babies arrived. Our babies are on each end. Max on the left and Geno on the right. Four best friends had their babies all around the same time. I’m sure these babies will grow up to be best friends too.

Had to get the dads in the picture. Geno and Max are on the ends. Sweet Charlotte is in the middle.

My mom passed away seven years ago and we all miss her every day. My niece Molly (the baby mommies’ sister) had teddy bears made for the babies. Molly had a voice message from my mom from before she passed and apparently she never deleted it. Molly had these teddy bears made so that when you pressed the button on the bears hand, the bear talked. It was my mom’s voice from the voice message. Talk about a teary moment. Molly, you never cease to amaze me.

Saying I’m tired is an understatement. I’m whooped . It was a great baby shower and it was nice to see all of the guests that joined us. The week was filled with cooking, shopping and preparing the food. The baby mommies (my nieces) appreciated all of the hard work that went into this shower.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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