All Gloved Up and Ready to Chop!

Definition of a sou-chef: A sous-chef de cuisine is a chef who is “the second in command in a kitchen; the person ranking next after the executive chef.” Consequently, the sous-chef holds much responsibility in the kitchen, which can eventually lead to promotion to becoming the executive chef.

Note to Gerri (the chef). Per the definition above, I hold much responsibility and I think you should promote me.

My definition of a sous-chef: A sous-chef is a person that cannot boil water and gets stuck with all of the monotonous work the chef does not want to do such as crumbling tofu and cutting grapes.

My chef sister shows me visually what needs done and I do it. She also watches over me to make sure I don’t cut myself with the VERY sharp, VERY big knife I am using.

Currently, I am cutting grapes for the vegan chicken salad.

Tomorrow is the baby shower. The food is all prepared. Tomorrow morning will be busy. Our day will begin at 6:30 am sharp.

God Bless, Stay Safe, And Be Kind to Every Kind.

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