Nights are cold in PA! Getting rid of POO.

It’s October and the temps during the day are great. Temperatures during the day range in the 70’s with sunshine. Sweater and Pumpkin Latte weather. The nights get darn cold.

I know there are people that live in their RV all year round in colder climates and I honestly do not know how they do it. These people are called stationary and most do it because they are either building a house and they need someplace to stay while the house is being built. Some stationary people are living the RV life because they think they can live cheaper living in an RV either in an RV park or on private property. Other than a few months a year, we are full time travelers. I would never want to travel any other way. I love my home on wheels. We sleep in our own beds, we cook in our kitchen and we use our own bathrooms. We have two bathrooms in our RV.

With the cold nights here in PA, we can keep the living area of the 5th wheel cozy but the garage is a different story. With no insulation in the garage, three big windows and the three season doors leading out to the deck, the garage can get rather chilly at night. I fixed that problem. I am the fixer. I bought a heated mattress cover. BooBoo and I should be warm and cozy tonight.

It’s a dirty job but needed and Shawn Bell is the shit expert according to Bell’s Sanitation. Since we are moochdocking, we do not have access to sewer and our tanks needed emptied. This would have been a 10 minute job but hubby is a talker and so is the POO guy Shawn. After the dirty deed was finished, both Hubby and Shawn shared their great stories of traveling with each other. Shawn will come back at the end of September to do the dirty job again for us before we head out on our next adventure.

The next few days will be very busy for me. Helping sister cook for the baby shower and helping Hubby build our shed. The baby shower is Saturday. The shed will have to wait until Sunday.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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