A Busy Month at the Home Base!

We are “moochdocking” on our property at our “Home Base”. We put in a gravel driveway for the 5th wheel. We already had a 30 amp service installed a year ago. We have everything we need, except for sewer. And what is even better, i’m right across the street from my sister and I have full access to her vehicle. I still have not driven the “Big Boy Truck” yet. I know I can, I just don’t want to. I am enjoying our traveling the US and my fear is if I wreck the Big. Boy Truck, it will interfere with our travel plans. We need the Big Boy Truck to pull this big big 5th wheel.

There is much to do in the month we are home. If you read previous posts you will know BooBoo and I are sleeping on the Happyjack couch in the garage. The Happyjack couch turns into a twin size bed. I bought a foam mattress pad and I have to admit, my makeshift bed in the garage is very comfortable. It gets a little chilly in the garage area. The garage is not insulated and there are three windows in the garage. The main bedroom, where Hubby sleeps is in the upper level of the 5th wheel and we all know heat rises so the bedroom is much warmer than the rest of the rig. Hubby likes it cooler in the bedroom. If Hubby is comfortable, I am cold. If I am comfortable, Hubby is warm. So I fixed this problem. I ordered a heated mattress pad. Thanks again AMAZON. It will be here on Tuesday.

My Happyjack bed in the garage area is too high off the ground for Benji to jump up on. His little legs are shorter and his little body is a bit chunkier than his brother and sister. BooBoo and Bella have no problem jumping up on my bed and they often nap on the bed.

Our pups recently went to their groomer. They love their groomer. The first thing BooBoo does when we walk in the door is he runs and jumps on Chelsea’s chair and makes himself at home. I tip well because not only do we have a great groomer that my pups love and we trust 100%, we get a dog sitter for 2.5 hours. Thank you Chelsea.

It’s going on our one year anniversary that we’ve been traveling the US. It is time to take a look at our memberships and see what I want to join, what I will renew and what I will not be renewing.

I joined the KOA rewards program. I really should have done this a year ago. I belong to many RVer’s forums on Facebook and some people post negative comments about KOAs. We’ve stayed at a lot of KOAs and we like them. People complain about how pricey they are. We have found most parks are more expensive for us because we need premium sites due to the length of our rig. We also like easy, so we like pull-in sights which also cost more.

We are not renewing our Thousand Trails membership. What a waste of money for us. We did not use it once last year and guess what? They auto renewed it and we were not set up for auto renewal. A week before renewal time, I sent customer service at TT a message informing them to cancel my membership. Apparently they ignored my message because they charged me anyway. They refunded me but it was just one more thing on my plate to do. I had to call their customer service who did cancel my membership, then I had to email their customer service department to request a refund.

I’m not renewing my Escapees membership. I’m on the fence about renewing our Passport America membership. I will renew our Good Sam’s membership.

To help promote my blog, I ordered business cards for my blog and a vinyl banner.

We bought a storage shed. We have not put it together yet. We currently pay $50 a month for a storage unit and we are paid up until October 31st. Why not buy a storage shed that we will own and build it on our property? You ask, why do we need a storage unit? There are some items both hubby and I could not part with. There are also items we have in storage that are for the 5th wheel.

My sister and I own this property where we park our 5th wheel. The property has a three bedroom trailer on it. The trailer roof is good. It has an addition added on to the trailer that needed a new roof. We hired a roofing company.

Our neighbor has an outside cat. BooBoo, Bella and Benji love to look for the cat. The cat is smart. The cat knows that BooBoo, Bella and Benji cannot reach him so he will sit by the window and tease them.

BooBoo will sit on our bed in the garage area for hours and look out of the window waiting for the cat to walk by.

Tomorrow, Hubby takes the Big Boy Truck to Valley Truck Outfitters. We are getting a CB radio. Thursday, Hubby will take the Big Boy Truck over to the dealership where we bought the truck. He has an appointment at Sarchione Chevrolet to get some regular maintenance done.

Saturday is a big day. Because of COVID, we had to postpone the baby shower. Instead of having the shower pre-births, we are having it post-births. The big day is this coming Saturday. My sister and I will be making all of the food and desserts. This week will be very busy. So much to do.

Hubby has doctor appointments on September 28th and October 1st. After these appointments, he should be good until May, when we come home again.

On/Around October 4th, we will head south. I’m hoping the trees will be turning colors as we will be following the mountain ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I already made reservations for a weeks stay in New Market Virginia right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. We are doing a one night stay in a state park on our way to New Market, Virginia. We get a senior citizen discount at this state park.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind

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