At Our Home Base In PA!

Today is Labor Day. It thundered, stormed and poured down rain all day today. The thunder started rumbling at 7:30 am this morning and lasted most of the day. I swear that PA is the rain and storm capital of the US.

But today turned out to be a great day because I got to hold my two great nephews.

Spending time at my sister’s and nieces, it’s strange being in a sticks and bricks home again. I keep wanting to flush the toilet by stepping on the peddle.

And even though my shower in the 5th wheel is great for us, the shower in a sticks and bricks house has a little more pressure. I’ve never ran out of hot water in the 5th wheel, but my mind kept thinking I would run out of hot water in the sticks and bricks house because of so much more pressure.

I got a mattress topper for happyjack bed. Thank you Amazon for the quick delivery. It’s going to be a great night sleep.

Why am I sleeping in the garage. Benji, aka my little Cujo is the reason why. Benji is jealous of BooBoo. Benji every so often will attack BooBoo. It has happened in the middle of the night before. Benji would attack BooBoo and wake us out of a nice comfortable sleep. So BooBoo stopped coming to bed, but would not sleep downstairs by himself, therefore keeping me awake. BooBoo would sit at the bottom of the steps and cry. In order for us all to get a good night sleep, I now sleep in the garage area on the happyjack bed with BooBoo. We are quite comfortable down here. I now have a very comfy bed. I have my own bathroom and TV. Hubby can snore without bothering me.

Benji is getting better controlling his Cujo moments but he was still having them. I heard about a natural calming collar and thought it just might work for Benji. I bought it and put the collar on Benji and we already notice a big difference. Benji is normally afraid of thunder and would hide under the covers. Today, with the constant all day thunder, Benji was fine.

This collar works so good for Benji, I am getting one for BooBoo. BooBoo has such anxiety when riding in the truck that I have to sedate him with anxiety medicine. I want a natural remedy for BooBoo. Hope it works.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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