Another Travel Day – Heading to Our Home Base.

This morning started with a walk with BooBoo. This morning’s walk is for two reasons. Reason number one and most important was I had trash to dispose of and I had to find the trash bin. Reason number two, I wanted BooBoo to do his business before we got on the road.

We have “what we call” their bathroom in the garage area of the 5th wheel. It is a system that has worked for us from day one, even when we were in the sticks and bricks home. Benji and Bella use “their bathroom” all of the time. BooBoo on the other hand would rather go for his walk and use the green green grass outside.

We came up with this system when we lived in PA and it worked well, especially in the winter. With three pups, we needed a system where they could go to do their duty without us taking them outside in the rain, snow, and cold. Living in the country we did not feel comfortable letting them go outside by themselves. We had hawks, coyotes, and even a bear.

We got this idea from Petco. We just made a few minor changes. I bought a tub container. I put the white pee pads in first and on the sides. Then a poochpad green fake grass pad on top. We change it daily. Well, I should say, I change it daily. I’m responsible for the inside and Hubby is responsible for the outside. The fake green grass needs to be washed. Hubby does that dirty deed.

We stayed at a KOA in Cooperstown last night. Not perfect, but it fit our needs for one night.

The staff here was very friendly. We had a golf cart escort to our site. When I say this park was not perfect, I meant it was not perfect for us. The sites were very close to each other. I’m glad we only booked it for one night.

The pool was one of the amenities we would not be using due to us only staying overnight. It was advertised as a heated pool and I am sure it will be packed with kids this Labor Day weekend.

Our rig was crammed in between two other campers. Our picnic table was right next to our neighbor’s electric and water. I took the picture below through our coach door. Our neighbor actually used our picnic table during his set up process. That is not our pillow on the table, nor is whatever that white thing is on the ground.

We got to our site around 3pm and left the next morning at 10 am.

It always seems no matter what time we start to get ready we never seem to leave each campground until 10 am. Checkout is usually 11 am. We knew we had a longer drive today so we got up and got things done. BooBoo, Bella and Benji know the drill by now. They wait patiently for me to secure the inside while the hubby is taking care of the outside.

Today’s drive was one of the worst. The roads in New York were horrible, making it a very stressful drive. Most of the roads were bumpy and some of the bumps felt like the truck and 5th wheel were going to break into a million pieces. It felt like we were driving on a railroad track. For several hours straight all I could see were the pups little bodies bouncing in their beds. Benji was very restless so I tethered him to the back seat so he could look out and be closer to us.

We were all pretty worn out when we got to our stop for tonight. BooBoo plopped on the floor and I could tell he was done for the day. We were all pretty spent and all we wanted to do was unwind and relax.

Tonight, we are staying at the same campground we stayed at when we began our journey to the New England states. The Allegheny River Campground. We were lucky to get this spot and we only have it for one night. With this being labor day weekend, campgrounds are full. We are in a pull thru, full hookup site. No cable TV and no TV stations using our Antenna. Verizon Internet is the only service that allows us to stream TV. My AT&T signal is weak here. We are not hooking up the dish for one night. I’m sure we will all be sleeping early anyway.

We have a short ride tomorrow. Under three hours and we should be pulling into our home base. We will be there for a little over a month’s stay.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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