Vermont. Visiting all of the tourist attractions.

We have a great large campsite here at Lake Champagne Campground. I picked another winner. Remember though, I put a lot of research into picking campgrounds. The staff here is so friendly. Masks are required but that has been the normal everywhere we go. Our site is a few steps away from the office. Some people might not like being that close to the office, but I do. I like being able to walk into the office and ask questions. I also like feeling more secure when we leave for the day. Although I have security cameras everywhere, it still is nice to be within the view of the office staff. I ordered an Amazon package and was able to receive it at the campground office.

The grass is so green at this campground. It is quiet here. Other than a lawn mower during the day and our pups barking when they see a leaf blow or a squirrel running through the site, you could hear a pin drop. I often wonder what our pups would do if they saw a bear. Actually Bella and Benji are the ones that bark. BooBoo does not chime in with his brother and sister. I like that.

Our campground is in Randolph Center. Randolph is a cute little town that is not commercialized. Other than a McDonalds and Subway, I have not seen any other franchised business. No Walmart, no other franchised restaurants or department stores. A town of small mom and pop businesses. There is a Dollar General, but they are on every corner across the US.

We’re off to three days of adventures.

We love Farm Markets and actually look for them. It was funny that when we were in New Hampshire, we saw a sign saying Farm Market. We drove down this little lane and parked. Hubby walked around the many booths only to find crafts. Not one single veggie. I would have thought the sign would have said “Craft Show”. But here in Vermont, a Farmers Market is actually a market full of fresh veggies.

Vermont has big fancy farm markets. Hubby really liked this place pictured below. Not only did he come out with some veggies, he came out with baked goods. I waited in the truck with the pups while Hubby went in to check out the place. Hubby liked this place so much, he recommended that I go in. I did and Hubby was right. I bought some healthy produce.

Vermont is full of little farm markets on the side of the road. Here we got tomatoes, green peppers, and scallion onions.

I mostly cook but this one day, we were were out till later in the day. It was a long day and I didn’t feel like cooking. We got Pizza and Hubby said it was the best pizza he ever had. Of course, Hubby got a regular pizza and I got my veggie pizza minus the cheese. Mine was good too.

You can’t miss attractions with Vermont Signs. Not only are there road signs in Vermont, signs like the one pictured below line the roads in Vermont. If you miss an attraction, resort or restaurant, it’s your fault because they have signs for everything.

I’ve been to a Woodstock in New Hampshire. I’ve been to a Woodstock in New York and now I’ve been to a Woodstock in Vermont. Woodstock in Vermont is a quaint little town. If we had more time, I would have loved to walk the streets of this town with the puppies.

One of the tourist attractions in Vermont is the covered bridge pictured below. The Taftsville Covered Bridge is a timber-framed covered bridge which spans the Ottauquechee River in the Taftsville village of Woodstock, Vermont in the United States. This is a one lane bridge that is actually used by vehicles daily.

The selfie shows I was there! It was cooler on the day we were there so I wore my Rae Lux long sleeve Sweatshirt. My nieces online shop is Rae Lux Boutique. Check it out at

Another attraction I wanted to see was the Coolidge Homestead, also known as Calvin Coolidge Homestead District. This was the childhood home of the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge and the place where he took the presidential oath of office. 

The President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site is found in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, a small community hidden away among the Green Mountains.

I didn’t take the guided tour but I did walk the grounds to take pictures. I also bought pure Vermont maple syrup in their gift store. I got one for myself, my sister and three nieces. I have not tried it yet but I’m sure it is yummy. My sister makes the best vegan pancakes so I am saving mine to pour over her pancakes when I get home this weekend.

I didn’t know this because I guess I didn’t pay attention in government class in high school. Calvin Coolidge was elected the 29th vice president of the United States, and he succeeded to the presidency upon the sudden death of Warren G. Harding in 1923. Warren Harding died of a heart attack. When we were in Maine, there was a family in the campsite next to us. A husband and wife and two children. They have been full time on the road for several years and they homeschool their children. They’ve been to something like 46 states. I’ll bet these homeschooled kids learn so much more because they’ve been to places you only read about in school books.

Calvin Coolidge’s Grave Site was down the road in large cemetery. I was told President Coolidge grave is the simplest grave of all of the presidents.

You can’t come to Vermont without going to Ben & Jerry’s. They have three flavors of dairy free ice cream. I had a cone that was delicious. I bought three pints to bring back to the 5th wheel. Since I knew we were going to visit Ben & Jerry’s, I bought our Yeti cooler with us to keep the ice cream cold.

Another selfie to show that I was there. Face masks were required but could be removed when eating my ice cream cone. I hope someday I can look back at these pictures of me in my mask and be glad the pandemic is under control and hopefully these precautions are keeping us from getting COVID 19. Face masks and plenty of hand sanitizer. I have several bottles of hand sanitizer in the truck alone.

Vermont is full of underpasses and bridges. We went under this underpass in the Big Boy Truck. The sign shows a height of 13.7. Our 5th wheel is 13.6. Glad we didn’t have the 5th wheel on this road. The sign says 13.7 but what if the road was repaved after the sign was put there and with the new paving, it added an inch or so. These are things you need to be aware of.

I thought this picture was really cool.

I had to put this picture on this post to give this post some cuteness. BooBoo sits up front because BooBoo does not bark at everything that moves. Unfortunately, Bella and Benji are in the back seat in their comfy beds on the floor when we are out on day trips because of their barking. When we travel long distances, Bella and Benji can be tethered on the back seat so they can look out.

It’s been much cooler here in the Green Mountains. Sweatshirt weather. I’ve been running the electric fireplace in the living area of the 5th wheel to keep the chill out. It’s a nice change from the 90 degrees, high humidity days we’ve had to deal with most of the summer. Tomorrow we leave Vermont and head to our home base in PA. It will be nice to see family and finally be able to meet my two new great nephews Geno and Max. We will be home for a little over a month before we head South for the winter.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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