We Found The Lake!

We woke up to rain and cold this morning. Feeling lazy, it took a while to get my butt moving so it was around 3 pm when the hubby and I decided to take a walk and find the lake. After deciding whether to wear jackets or sweatshirts, we got dressed and we took off down the gravel road in search of the lake. Looking back at our site from the road, we have one of the larger RVs in this park.

Viewing the campground from our campsite, this park looks rather small but as we walked down the gravel path, we find it is a rather large campground. As we walk around the park, we notice a lot of seasonal campers. You can always tell the seasonal campers from traveling campers by the built-on wooden steps and planted flowers beds. Some parks allow seasonal campers to have small sheds on their site but it appears this park does not allow that option. Short term traveling tenants do not build steps or plant flowers. Every park we’ve stayed in so far, we’ve noticed a lot seasonal campers. Does anyone travel anymore? Do these seasonal people pack up and head south for the winter. Are they seasonal in the north during the summer and seasonal in the south during the winter?

And there it is, the lake. When a Lake is called Lake Champagne, you wold think it is a big lake. A big lake with boats, sandy beaches and docks to fish off of.

Yep, I thought the lake would be larger. It’s probably just the right size for the two white geese.

This is a swimming lake and probably the place to be on weekends. What I’m seeing during the week, it is very quiet here. Today must have been grass cutting day. because we heard a lawnmower a good portion of the day. Other than that, it was very peaceful.

Some of the campsites with RVs actually look deserted. The RV next to us is an example of a camper that looks deserted, except for the several new bundles of firewood in the firepit. I would think they would be showing up one of these days, but yesterday and today, no one is to be seen in or around the 5th wheel. Maybe they just come on the weekends.

Today was a long jeans and sweatshirt kind of day. I wore a sweatshirt today and hubby wore his Dale Earnhardt windbreaker.

The pups were wound up today. If I didn’t know better, I would think it is a full moon. BooBoo peed on the bedroom floor. Now he wears his diaper. Benji had several Cujo moments so he had a timeout in the bathroom three times today. Bella who is usually an angel was even not on her best behavior.

A sleeping Benji is a good Benji.

Tomorrow we will go sightseeing.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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