Lake Champagne RV Resort, here we come!

Today was another travel day. Actually, a short travel day. It would take longer to secure everything and hitch up than it would take to make it to our next destination. Vermont, here we come.

The pups patiently wait and watch me do the my final duties before they have to get in their seats in the truck. They know the drill by now. We’ve been doing the same process for almost 9 full months already.

The drive to our next destination would take us about an hour and a half of mostly two lane country lanes. It was a nice relaxing drive. We pulled into Lake Champagne RV Resort at 12:30 pm.

We have a pull-through, full hook-up site. This is the strangest pull-through site we’ve ever stayed in. We pulled into our site which is all grass and we unhooked. I put out our sign.

You may ask why I think the pull-through is a little strange. If we drove straight in front of us, we will drive down a very steep grass hill. That would not be the way to go. We have to figure this out but we have time. We will be here for 7 nights. If we can’t pull forward, we can always back out of our site. Yes, strange. I really don’t care because our view is awesome.

I guess it was not a big deal as to where we park the truck so we parked it in the grass by our coach. Some RV campgrounds do not allow you to park in the grass but since this is all grass, I guess it does not matter.

It does not take long to get our living area situated. Hubby is hungry. I guess the pups are hungry too because they are in line waiting for a bite of hubby’s supper. It’s chilly here so I turn on the fireplace to take the chill off.

Before dark, I head out to take a few pictures. I’ll get more tomorrow. The grass is so green and there are a lot of trees in this park. I’m gonna like it here.

It’s a lovely campground. I can’t wait to explore more tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will walk the campground. I’m told there is a walking trail around the lake. This is Lake Champagne RV Resort afterall. Where is the lake? I guess I will find out tomorrow.

No cable TV and no Antenna TV stations. My AT&T OTR mobile and TOGO Internet here are both very fast speeds. I set up our Dish Network but I am not getting the local channels. I will work on that tomorrow. If I can’t get my dish network to work, we can stream TV over the internet. I have not seen speeds this fast since we started our travels. I’m not using the park’s internet. I have my own and it’s secure.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.

2 thoughts on “Lake Champagne RV Resort, here we come!

  1. Since last November, we’ve stayed in 22 RV Campgrounds/Resorts in states from Texas, to Florida up the coast to Maine, New Hampshire, and now in Vermont. We will be spending winter in Florida then hopefully, heading to the west coast in the spring.


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