Hodgepodge in NH. A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

We went for a ride. The first thing we came upon was the Redstone Rocket.  Redstone was the first large American ballistic missile.

The Redstone Rocket in Warren was installed to honor Mercury Seven Astronaut Alan Shepard, who was born in Derry, New Hampshire. It may seem like a strange monument to plant in a public park, but it can also be considered akin to installing old Civil War cannons in similar displays.

We looked for and found the Visitor Center for the White Mountains where we would get a map and some brochures.

I would be the one to go in for the brochures. All of the brochures and maps were behind a plexiglass partition. The person working the visitor center was also behind that plexiglass partition. He was very nice and helpful. Instead of me picking out the brochures myself as we are all accustomed to, I had to ask for them. I asked for maps of the area and brochures of outdoor attractions. He handed them to me and I was out of there. I guess due to COVID, they didn’t want people walking around browsing.

We took a drive to Mount Washington. We’ve been to the top of Mount Washington several times, once on our motorcycle and once on the Cog Railroad. This time we would not be so lucky because the road to the top is so narrow they do not permit dual wheel trucks to go to the top. This time we would just drive there and turn around. We knew this in advance but we wanted to make the drive there anyway.

The view is breathtaking. I took this picture using the pano feature on my Iphone.

The mountains are majestic here in New Hampshire. Our campground is in the White Mountains. No matter which way you look you see mountains.

On the way back to the campground, we run into a little much-needed rain. Everything is so dry here.

What a great place for a selfie.

We had to go through road construction. The construction area was one lane and that one lane was scraped down to the dirt. Rain and dirt makes for a dirty truck.

We had to go through this construction area on the way to Mount Washington and again on the way back. The worker in the picture below was in the same position both on the way there and on the way back. Since the picture was taken on a Monday, we figure he partied too much over the weekend.

The one thing I really like about this area are the creek beds. This year, however, there is a drought and the beds are nearly dry.

You would never know there was a pandemic here at our RV park. The pool is huge and very crowded. No social distancing here. I would not be taking advantage of this swimming pool. When I checked in, I was told to read the rules about the pool slides. I chuckled and told the lady checking me in not to worry. I would not be going down slides in the pool.

We get back to our campground and it’s now time to relax. When we get to our coach, we find the electricity of out. It appears a tree in the forest fell on the electricity lines and tore them down. Glad we are fully contained. It cooled off so we didn’t need the air and the only other thing we could not do was watch TV. Our stove is propane and so is our fridge. We had lights because the lights work using the battery power. We actually didn’t even know we did not have electricity until we tried to turn on the TV. If needed, we could have started the generator. The electricity was soon back on and things were back to normal.

Back in our coach, BooBoo takes his place on the couch.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Time to leave this campground and head to our next stop in Vermont. It will be a short travel day. We are an hour and a half away. We will be in the Green Mountains.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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